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Justices and Court Schedule

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Justices and Court Schedule

The town employs 4 part-time justices. 

Picture of Judge Picture of Judge Picture of Judge
Judge Vincent Campbell Judge Charles Schiano, Jr. Judge Gino Nitti Administrative Judge David Michael Barry 


 Court Schedule  

      Court Clerk       
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e-mail clerk)


 Hon. Vincent Campbell    

1:00 PM

Janette     585-720-1109    
 Hon. Charles Schiano

1:00 PM

Andrea     585- 720-1110
 Hon. Gino Nitti

5:30 PM

Lisa     585-227-3155
 Administrative Judge David Michael Barry

Tuesdays 9:00am

Patricia 585-720-1108

No e-mails will be accepted for requests for court adjournments. Please contact 
your attorney, or else contact our office at 585-227-3110

Office hours may vary according to Court Schedule.