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Amerks Hockey Game Trip on March 28









Get on the move and experience the area with friends! Our bus will take you to lunch, plays, museums and more. Leave the driving to us!

Bus always departs and returns to the Greece Community Center.



Experience wonderful presentations of popular stage shows a the Geva Theater.

The Diary of Anne Frank

Date: Wednesday, March 7

Departure Time: 12:30pm   Return Time: 4:30pm

In this powerful new adaptation, Anne Frank emerges from history a bright and talented young girl with the aspirations of any teenager. This impassioned drama about the lives of eight people in hiding from the Nazis in a concealed Amsterdam attic captures the claustrophobic reality of their daily existence. Anne’s story of love, hope, courage and triumph of the human spirit has captivated audiences with its profound message for over 70 years.

Member: $32.00   (Please call to register for this trip, 723-2425).


Lunch Trips

Looking to go out to lunch? We will take you to some favorites around the Rochester area.

Click here for the lunch trip schedule.







Open Play

Mondays: 10:30am-12:30pm

Wednesdays: 11-11:50am

Ages 2-6

A gym filled with toys, mats, tunnels, blocks and other play equipment; a wonderful opportunity to let your toddler run loose and interact with other children.

Member: Free


Munchkin Mats

Mondays: 6:15-7:15pm

Wednesdays: 7-7:45pm

Ages 1-3

Let your little munchkin get rid of all that energy before bedtime as they run and play on mats.

Member: Free



Kids Create Craft Club

Monday-Friday: 11am-1pm

Ages 2 & Up

This program is designed for your child to use their imagination and create a simple craft project in a fun environment. All supplies provided. 

Member: Free


Wheels in Motion

Thursdays & Fridays: 10-10:50am

Ages 2-6

This program is designed for children to come together and enjoy riding various big wheels, tricycles and cozy coupes in a safe and fun environment.

*A helmet is required at all times

Member: Free


Family Shoot Around

Tuesdays: 7-7:50pm

Fridays 2:30-4:30

All Ages- Must come with a parent or guardian.

Shoot some hoops with your family members and work on your game. A family member is required to be in attendance with child during program.

*Participants must wear sneakers in the gym.

Member: Free


Open Mats

Tuesdays: 10am-12pm

Thursdays: 9-11am

All Ages

Bring your little ones to run, roll and play on our mats, but don’t forget to head to the craft room for “kids create” craft club to make the daily craft.

Member: Free


Wednesdays: 10-10:50am

Ages 7-12

The CSC/PE class will utilize sports and leisure activities to promote a healthy lifestyle and understanding of health and wellness with an emphasis on small and large group games.

Please Note:

Sneakers must be worn for program

Member: 1 Credit



Mondays Ages 10 & Under: 3-5pm

Tuesdays Ages 10-13: 3:30-5:30pm

Thursdays Ages 10-13 3:30-5:30pm

Member: FREE

Please Note:

Parent/Guardian required for youth ages 12 and under.



March 5-May 23

Mondays: 3:00-5:00pm

Wednesdays: 2:30-4:30pm

Ages 14-17

Come shoot around after school. Pre-registraiton required. Limited space available. Must have membership and be a Greece resident to participate.

 Member: FREE




Monday, April 23


Ages: 3-14

Little participants and their parents can enjoy:

  • A story
  • Demonstration on brushing and flossing propely
  • Science tooth experiment
  • "Ask A Dentist" Q & A period.

Member: FREE



March 15-May 10

Thursdays: 11-11:50am

Ages 2-6

Children will come together in a circle to sing a song, play a game and create a craft.

Member: FREE



Fitness Classes are considered 'drop-in' and can be attended at any time.

Activity 'Credits' are required for each class. For more information see the membership page for details.


It is recommended that you consult with your physician before starting any new fitness class.





Core Fitness

Mondays/Fridays: 8:15-8:45am

Wednesdays Starting Dec. 27

Ages 18 & Up

This class utilizes all core muscles while focusing on a particular group each class to help increase strength, flexibility and overall balance. This class uses weights, weight bars, floor mats and balance discs to increase the class intensity.

Member: 1 Credit


Gentle Stretch & Strength

Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays: 1-1:50pm


Ages 18 & Up

This class provides gentle exercises to help increase flexibility, range of motion and strength. The goal of this class is to reduce pain and stiffness, restore and maintain joint range of motion, increase muscle strength, and improve balance and coordination

Member: 1 Credit


Low Impact Aerobics

Mondays: 9-9:50am

Ages 18 & Up

An energetic, effective low impact and varied intensity aerobic class that will help participants increase stamina, endurance, and keep your body moving and heart pumping.

Member: 1 Credit



Cardio Fusion

Tuesdays: 9-9:50am

Thursdays: 6-6:50pm

Ages 18 & Up

A workout composed of various cardio exercises using weights. This program will incorporate muscle groups from both the upper and lower body to increase your stamina, endurance, flexibility and overall body strength.

Member: 1 Credit



Tai Chi & QiGong

Tuesdays: 9-9:50am

Ages 18 & Up

This class includes standing exercises which add strength and stamina through gentle stretching and flowing movements following the traditional Chinese Yang-24 short form.

Member: 1 Credit



Tuesdays: 6-6:50pm

Ages 18 & Up

An aerobic fitness class featuring movements inspired by various styles of Latin American dance music

Member: 1 Credit



Hatha Yoga

Dec. 27-February 14

Tuesdays: 7-7:50pm

Wednesdays 9-9:50am

Ages 18 & Up

This class incorporates a full body workout that includes a warm-up, a total body stretch, yoga postures, and a cool down. The focus of this class will be on core strength and stability.

Member: 1 Credit


3 in 1 Fitness

Wednesdays: 6-6:50pm

Ages 18 & Up

This class focuses on three aspects of fitness: aerobic with cardio work, aerobic with weight work, and flexibility and breathing. This class also includes techniques from Yoga and stretching.

Member: 1 Credit 


Strength & Conditioning

Fridays: 9-9:50am

Ages 18 & Up

This class includes warm-up, stretching and various styles of weight training. Training types to include: low weight, high reps for stamina and high weight, low reps for strength, along with resistance training.

Member: 1 Credit


Zumba Gold

Thursdays: 9-9:50am

Ages 18 & Up

This class takes the Zumba workout and makes it accessible for seniors, beginners or others needing modifications in their exercise routine.

Member: 1 Credit


Saturday Morning Fitness

Saturdays: 8-8:50am

Ages 18 & Up

Start your Saturday morning off with a sweat! Every eight weeks a different fitness class will be offered to kick your weekend into high gear. For more information, see a member of our recreation team.

Member: 1 Credit