Town News

Town of Greece Appoints Keith Suhr as Town Historian

Greece Town Supervisor Bill Reilich is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Keith Suhr as Town Historian for the Town of Greece. Mr. Suhr received his Bachelor’s Degree in American Studies from the College at Brockport, and his Master’s Degree in Library and Informational Studies from the University at Buffalo.

“There is no one more talented and justified to be appointed as Town Historian than Keith. His experience in historical research and informational studies makes him a great person for this position. I am looking forward to the many great things Keith has planned for our residents.” said Supervisor Reilich.

For the past year the Greece Public Library has served as Town Historian. Mr. Suhr has taking an active role in reorganizing and appropriately cataloging all historical documents, and artifacts presently owned by the Town. With his appointment to this position, Mr. Suhr plans to continue his work in obtaining historical documents that have importance to the Town of Greece and adding them into the Town’s collection. Additionally, he has plans in setting up regular office hours for the general public to have access to the collection.

 “I am both humbled and honored by this appointment and look forward to a long history of providing this valuable service to the residents of Greece.” said Mr. Suhr.

 If you would like to set up an appointment for research opportunities please contact Mr. Suhr directly at 723-2480. Regular Hours for the public will be set in the coming months.