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Supervisor Reilich and Other Lake Shore Communities Plan to Lobby in Washington D.C. Against Plan 2014

Today, Supervisor Bill Reilich met with representatives from Niagara, Orleans, Monroe, Ontario, Wayne and Erie counties to discuss the negative effects surrounding Plan 2014. The group developed a plan to travel to Washington, D.C. for the purpose of lobbying against Plan 2014 on the behalf of their lakeshore residents.

Since its introduction by the International Join Commission, many of the municipalities along the Lake Ontario shoreline have opposed the plan since day one and citied the many risks and potential damages it will have on their communities. Those who attended the meeting have been leaders in opposing Plan 2014 from the beginning and although it has been enacted against the wishes of lake shore communities, collectively each leader has spoken out against the plan. In an attempt to create a unified front against Plan 2014, representatives from these communities have met collaboratively throughout the past year to develop a strategy to speak out against the International Joint Commissions implementation of Plan 2014.

“Since its launch, I have opposed the International Joint Commissions plan to raise the lake levels and advocated against its implementation. In order to create a collaborative approach against Plan 2014, we have decided to travel to Washington D.C. for the purposes of speaking with members from the State Department about replacing Plan 2014 with one that ensures the livelihood of all lake shore residents and businesses.” said Supervisor Reilich.

In the coming months Supervisor Reilich will be joining representatives from the communities of Niagara, Orleans, Monroe, Ontario, Wayne, and Erie Counties as they travel to Washington to lobby against Plan 2014. Those gathered at the meeting included; Greece Town Supervisor William D. Reilich, Deputy Supervisor Michelle Marini, Majority Leader of the Monroe County Legislature Brian Marianetti, Sodus Point Mayor Chris Tertinek, Niagara County Legislator David E. Godfrey, Orleans County Legislator Lynne Johnson, Congressman Katko’s Regional Coordinator Christina Cornell, Congressman Collins Deputy Chief of Staff Michael Kracker, and Sodus Town Supervisor Steve LeRoy.