Town News

Supervisor Reilich Meets with Town Board Members, the Greece Police Department, and Fire Chiefs to Discuss Rising Water Levels

Today, Supervisor Bill Reilich called a meeting of the members of the Town of Greece Emergency Response Team to discuss preparations in the event that the water levels in Lake Ontario continue rising. This meeting was called and conducted at the new Town of Greece Police Precinct 1 Facility.

The Supervisor was joined by Greece Town Board Members Diana Christodaro, Mike Barry, Andrew Conlon and Brett Granville. Also present from the Town were Deputy Supervisor Michelle Marini, Chief Patrick Phelan, Department of Public Works Commissioner Kirk Morris, Technical Services Director Paul Mousso, Fire Marshall Rob Drexler and their respective deputies. There was also complete attendance from all four Greece Fire Departments as well.

Supervisor Reilich discussed with all parties gathered the process for emergency preparedness and provided general instructions and guidance so that we can all work together as we prepare the Town for potential and continued stresses as a result of unnaturally high lake levels. Sand bag availability and updates were provided, as well as potential emergency evacuation plans and scenarios if water levels continue rising.

“During Hurricane Agnes, water levels rose to 247.2 in Lake Ontario. Current lake levels have been measured at 247.6, and it was agreed that we could potentially be facing levels of 248 as the waters continue rising. We want to be certain that all of our emergency services are coordinating so that we are prepared for any event that occurs. I want our residents to know that we are doing everything we can to ensure their safety first and foremost and, of course, all we can to assist them in protecting their property and businesses.” stated Supervisor Reilich.