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Supervisor Reilich and Greece Town Board Start Petition to Overturn IJC Plan 2014

In an effort to gather the overwhelming support to overturn Plan 2014 from the International Joint Commission (IJC), Supervisor Bill Reilich and the Greece Town Board have created an official petition seeking 100,000 signatures to send to President Trump.

The petition is a result of last night’s meeting between numerous lakeshore neighborhood associations in the Town of Greece at Lakeview Community Church. Supervisor Reilich and the Town Board were invited to speak to the group about issues, concerns and any potential or available further action to address the rising waters on Lake Ontario. A Beattie Beach Association member made the suggestion during a question and answer session that was attended by over 200 lakeshore and pond-front residents.

“Starting this petition allows not only our residents in the Town of Greece to combat this failed policy perpetrated by the IJC, but all residents in surrounding towns and counties to let our President know the need to overturn Plan 2014,” stated Supervisor Reilich. “We have been fighting Plan 2014 since it was first being discussed by the IJC under the Obama administration, and this petition will allow President Trump and his administration to recognize the concerns directly from those affected by the plan. We hope he will hear our plight and get this plan overturned and get these lake levels lowered.”

The petition is an official function recognized by the White House. The Town of Greece hopes to garner the 100,000 signatures needed for consideration. Over the past month, lakeshore residents in the Town of Greece along with many other towns and counties have been ravaged by high winds and the high lake levels from Plan 2014. Supervisor Reilich invites ALL similarly affected towns and counties along all of the shores of our Great Lakes to join in the fight and sign the petition to secure the 100,000 signature threshold within a 30 day period which will commence as of today.

“By enlisting the support of our fellow lakeshore communities and securing their residents’ signatures, we have the opportunity to show unity for our cause and overturn Plan 2014,” said Supervisor Reilich. “This is another step the Town of Greece is taking in getting the help our residents need, and undue the harm that has befallen them.”          

People looking to sign the petition can go to and sign their names. Please note that this is a 2-step process. You will need fill in your name, e-mail address, and once submitted, you will be sent an e-mail asking you to confirm your signature. Please click to verify your signature.