Town News


Supervisor Bill Reilich is excited to announce that the Town of Greece will be composing a webpage on our website that residents can use as a reference to find other Free Little Libraries around the community. This decision came after receiving an outpouring of positive community feedback and support regarding the recent announcement of a Free Little Library to be temporarily placed at the Greece Community and Senior Center before making its way to the Spray Park/Playground Area in the Spring. Supervisor Reilich is asking folks in Greece to take photos and send in location information for Free Little Libraries around our community which we can put up on our website. Please note that if you do not own the Little Library, we ask that you get permission from the owner before forwarding to us. Supervisor Reilich would also like to encourage neighborhoods and local businesses who may want to construct their own Free Little Library to participate and notify us so we can share the information with our residents.

The concept of a Free Little Library is that families and children get a book from the “library” and also drop off books that they have already read for someone else to enjoy. It is set up so people can keep the books, pass them along, and/or share them as a community – no one is ever required to return the books and it in no way replaces all of the great opportunities to borrow books from our amazing Greece Public Library Branches.

“Our Library Director and library staff are ALWAYS supportive of any initiative that works to instill the love of reading”. said Supervisor Reilich.  “As you know, our library buildings provide an opportunity for you to borrow so many books both physically, in the library, or electronically as part of our e-books subscription. You can also borrow videos and of course there are numerous programs to take advantage of. This Free Little Library initiative I believe is another way to instill a love of reading no matter where you are, and that path may just bring you into one of our libraries to explore even more”.

The “Free Little Library” on Town Hall Campus, which was modeled after Greece Town Hall, was kindly built by the Department of Public Works staff using leftover materials from Town jobs. The materials used in building the model were plywood, roofing shingles, oil base paint and Lexan plastic for the see-through doors. The dimensions are about 50” long X 17” wide X 25” high.

“We have received such wonderful feedback from Greece Residents about our Free Little Library” said Reilich. “I take resident feedback very seriously, and when some mentioned that they would be interested in a reference sheet for other Free Little Libraries around the community, I looked into what could be done. I am happy to report that we will be creating a link on our webpage for residents to locate other Free Little Libraries around the community. I would like to encourage all Greece Residents and local community Businesses to send pictures and locations of the Free Little Library in their area to the Town of Greece so we can upload them to the webpage!”

Photos can be uploaded to Supervisor Reilich’s Facebook page and, once received, we will start to compile the information to share with the community.