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Supervisor Bill Reilich is pleased to Welcome Addison Precision Manufacturing to Greece

Supervisor Bill Reilich is pleased that Addison Precision Manufacturing will be breaking ground this Spring in their new facility in the Town of Greece. Currently located on Avis Street in the City of Rochester, they have grown too large for their current facility and will be building and moving into a new facility on Gates-Greece Town Line Road. This new facility will begin with 84,000 square feet, with the ability to expand if needed. The site is on land owned by Munipro, Inc., a public benefit corporation of the Town of Greece.

Addison Precision Manufacturing will be building a state-of-the-art facility that specializes in high-precision machine components. They deploy the latest technologies to meet the highest standards of any industry requiring precision machined components, including customers in the aerospace, aircraft, medical and precision manufacturing industries. For additional information, their website is

Addison Precision Manufacturing not only specializes in quality products, they also have a reputation for fiscal responsibility and treating their employees well. In fact, just last week they presented each of their full-time employees with a $1,000 bonus and presented each of the college co-op and part-time employees with a $500 bonus. This was made possible by the money their company saved through the President’s new tax plan. One of the employees used the bonus to buy an outdoor shed to store some items that were taking valuable space in his garage.  Another employee put the bonus money towards a down payment on a wedding dress. Addison Precision Manufacturing said in a statement about the money saved through the new tax plan, “It is real money that affects real people and supports us all on the local level.”

“I am very pleased that Addison Precision Manufacturing is choosing to move to Greece” said Supervisor Reilich.  “The Town of Greece is so fortunate to have such a generous company setting up shop in our community. Their financial generosity has been most recently reflected in the way they chose to use the money their company saved through the President’s new tax plan. They were able to give each of their employee’s significant bonuses, and have already witnessed how this money is being put back into the local economy. I am incredibly proud that Addison Precision Manufacturing chose to expand in Greece, and wish them great success in their new location!”