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Supervisor Reilich Joins Grand View Beach Association in Hosting Lakeshore Informational Meeting

Supervisor Bill Reilich was happy to co-host the Grand View Beach Association’s Lake Level Update Meeting Tuesday evening. When Supervisor Reilich heard that over 200 attendees were expected, he offered to have the meeting held in the Greece Community and Senior Center Multi-Purpose Room, which is designed to hold a large capacity of people.

The meeting began around 7:00pm with opening remarks by the Grand View Beach Association (GVBA) President Greg Pien. A lake level update was then given by GVBA member Dan Barletta. Following, Senator Joe Robach gave an update from the State level. Assemblyman Peter Lawrence also gave remarks.

Supervisor Reilich also spoke during the meeting and gave updates on the flooding from the Town level. He spoke of the new installation of shut-off valves, piping, and a new berm structure in flood risk areas. He opened the floor up for questions afterwards, listening to many express concerns regarding the IJC and Plan 2014, new protection available this year for waterfront residents, and other flooding-related questions. Supervisor Reilich reassured residents that in addition to the new piping, berm structure, and shut-off valves, the aqua dam would also be available this year if needed. He also addressed questions from residents regarding their concerns and frustrations with Sheen Housing. Sheen Housing is contracted through the State, but Supervisor Reilich is fully aware of all of the issues residents who have experienced damages are having with their representatives. He has reached out to Sheen Housing, the New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal, the Governor, and other State Representatives on behalf of water front residents expressing their frustrations with the organization and asking for more promptness and professionalism from the representatives.

 Questions regarding State Aid were also addressed. During the meeting, attendees were informed that there is a potential $31 million funds available to replenish the exhausted residential fund. However, the State has not yet made those funds available for residents. All who have been affected by the flooding were encouraged to join Supervisor Reilich in reaching out to the Governor in advocating for the funds.

“I was grateful for the opportunity to join the Grand View Beach Association, Senator Joe Robach, and Assemblyman Peter Lawrence in providing updates to water front residents at Tuesday’s informational meeting” said Supervisor Reilich. “There was an open forum where residents were able to express their questions, concerns, and frustrations with topics surrounding the flooding. We were able to address questions about Sheen Housing, funding, IJC Plan 2014, protection available for waterfront residents, and much more. I am reaching out to both the Governor and officials on every level to advocate for our water front residents. I ask you to please join me in contacting the Governor – the more people who reach out, the more likely we are to be heard”.