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Supervisor Reilich Announces Town of Greece Receives 9 New Sanitary Pumps

Supervisor Bill Reilich is pleased to announce that Liberty Pumps has provided the Town of Greece with 9 new sanitary pump station units free of charge. The first two locations were installed in our pump stations on Lakeshore Drive and Edgemere Drive near the Kodak facility. These stations saw excessive use during last year’s flooding events. Liberty Pumps will obtain readings from the locations to test their units.

At the peak of the flooding last year, Town of Greece DPW staff deployed and maintained, around the clock, approximately 41 pumps ranging from 4” to 8” in an effort to keep flood waters from making our roads impassable. Basically, pump hoses were placed in the storm sewer at the storm grates, which threw the surging waters back into the ponds and the lake. In continued efforts to limit potential floodwater damages this year, Supervisor Reilich is pleased to accept 9 new sanitary sewer pumps from Liberty Pumps. This will help both the Town of Greece with potential flooding and will provide Liberty Pumps with data as they will be obtaining readings for the pump locations to test their units. Headquartered in Bergen, NY, Liberty Pumps is a leading U.S. manufacturer of pumping products for ground water and wastewater removal in residential and commercial applications.

“I was pleased to work with Liberty Pumps to upgrade our facilities with their pumps at no cost to local taxpayers, while assisting them with gathering data from the units. I will continue my efforts to employ preventive measures to help ensure water front residents are not exposed to the devastating damages that occurred last year and to do all we can to limit damages in the event of a repeat of last year’s rising waters” said Supervisor Reilich.