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Greece Town Supervisor Bill Reilich and Greece Receiver of Taxes Andrew Conlon Announce Lock Box Available for Drop Off of Seasonal Tax Checks

Greece Town Supervisor Reilich and Town of Greece Receiver of Taxes Andrew Conlon are pleased to announce that a safe lock box is now available for Town of Greece residents to drop off their seasonal tax checks.

The lock box will be located outside the Service Mall area of Greece Town Hall on the right side of the doors. The purpose of this lock box is to provide residents with a fast and secure method of paying their seasonal taxes. The only form of payment that will be accepted in the lock box must be in check form. All deposits will be collected at 9am every business day by Town of Greece Tax Department Staff and the work will be processed on the previous day’s business date. Please be sure to include a payment stub with your check in order to receive a receipt. In order to ensure resident safety, a camera has been placed in the area to monitor activity. This drop box is for payment of seasonal tax only. Tax bills will be mailed out August 31st and residents may begin using the drop box on Saturday, September 1st if they chose. Please note that this lock box is a service in addition to the tax services already provided by the Town of Greece. You may still pay your taxes in person or through the mail if you choose.

“We are pleased to offer a service to Town of Greece residents that will assist in a quick, efficient, and secure method of paying seasonal taxes” said Supervisor Reilich and Receiver of Taxes Andrew Conlon in a joint statement. “We are constantly looking for new and improved ways to assist residents. We are excited for this safe lock box and encourage residents to take advantage of this new method to pay seasonal taxes”.