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Supervisor Reilich Announces New Court Payment Services Now Available for Residents

Supervisor Bill Reilich is pleased to announce a new service that is now available for residents. Residents now have the option to make court payments online or by phone.

Always looking for new and innovative services, Supervisor Reilich researched ways to assist residents involved with the Greece Town Courts. Today, he is pleased to announce a partnership with nCourt, which is the nation’s largest court fine processor working with courts. nCourt LLC is a government services and technology company that provides software that permits government agencies to collect citation, parking, and other court payments online via the web or mobile device. Our partnership with nCourt allows Defendants to make payments online at or by calling a toll free number (1-888-912-1541). The payment link can also be reached by visiting the Court webpage on the Town of Greece website:

This new payment process provides a convenient service to our residents. It is also the best solution for out-of-town ticket holders. The service charge set by nCourt is 6.99% of the ticket fee + $1 service fee for payments made both online or over the phone. After the defendant submits their payment, the payment information is relayed immediately and the transaction shows up on their credit card statement as from Greece Town Court.

 “We have been very busy this year bringing new services to our residents” said Supervisor Reilich. “The latest service we have established is for residents to have the option to make court payments online or via the phone. I am always looking for new and convenient ways to assist residents and am pleased to offer this quick, efficient, and secure method of making court payments”.