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Supervisor Reilich Announces Town of Greece is Prepared for Possible Winter Weather Reported for this Weekend

Supervisor Bill Reilich announced today that the Town of Greece is prepared for the possibility of a mixture of rain, snow and low temperatures forecasted for this coming weekend.

“As soon as the first reports came in last week that we could be in for our first round of winter weather, I worked with our Commissioner of Public Works and his Department to begin setting up our plow and salt trucks,” stated Reilich“In September, we also began having salt delivered to fill our new salt barn to make sure we’re ready in the event of a harsh winter season.  I’m happy to report that the Town of Greece is prepared to deal with whatever Mother Nature sends our way”.

In 2017, Supervisor Reilich commissioned the construction of a new salt barn that better addresses the needs of a community as large as the Town of Greece.  The previous, 30-year-old structure only had a salt storage capacity of 3,500 tons. Our area has seen multiple, severe winters these past few years. Supervisor Reilich felt the inadequate size of the previous salt building, coupled with possible high demand for salt orders and delivery requests from all across the northeast, could put the ability for the Town to respond to consistent, excessive snowfall at risk.

The newly constructed salt barn has a total capacity of 12,000 tons and can hold enough salt to address the needs of our residents during an average winter season. This means that the Town of Greece will always have plenty salt on hand well before winter arrives. The Town was also able to build this new salt building without raising taxes to fund the cost.

“The safety of our residents and those visiting our community is one of my top priorities,” Reilich added. “Even when the weather presents a challenge, emergency service providers still need to respond to calls, people still need to get to work, and children still need to get to school. When winter comes, I will continue to make sure the roads in Greece are clear and safe for travel”.