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Supervisor Reilich and the Town of Greece Host IJC Commissioners and Elected Officials Representing Shoreline Communities for Water Levels Listening Session and Shoreline Tour

Greece Town Supervisor Bill Reilich yesterday hosted a listening session with shoreline Elected Officials so that the new Commissioners of the International Joint Commission (IJC) could hear from elected officials about the shoreline impacts in their communities from high water levels on Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River.

The International Joint Commissioners assumed office last week. Yesterday was their first site visit to the Lake Ontario shoreline to meet elected officials and better understand their concerns. The following members of the IJC participated in the listening session:

Pierre Béland, Canadian Section Chair

Jane Corwin, US Section Chair

Robert Sisson, Commissioner

Lance Yohe, Commissioner

The listening session was held at Greece Town Hall from 1:00pm – 2:30pm. Following the listening session was an opportunity for members of the media to ask questions to the new members of the IJC. After the media session concluded, Supervisor Reilich and 4th Ward Councilwoman Diana Christodaro, who represents portions of the shoreline in Greece, brought the new IJC members on a shoreline tour so they could see firsthand the flooding of roads and properties.

“I was thankful that the Town of Greece was given the opportunity to host the listening session for IJC Commissioners and Elected Officials representing shoreline communities” said Supervisor Reilich. During the session, the new members of the IJC listened to representatives from shoreline communities across Monroe County, Niagara County, Orleans County, Wayne County, Cayuga County, and Oswego County. The IJC members heard about the devastating impacts that the high water levels have been having on these communities and also heard suggestions from representatives on how to combat the flooding. Following the listening session was a time for members of the media to ask questions to the IJC Commissioner to better understand the role they play in the water levels and what they will do differently from the former members of the IJC. The day ended with a shoreline tour organized for the IJC commissioners. During the tour, the commissioners were able to see and experience the significant flooding of shoreline roads and properties. They saw that the tour bus was not even able to go down certain roads because the water level was so high. I am grateful that the new members of the IJC took the time to listen to our concerns and see with their own eyes the devastating impacts that the high waters have caused in our communities. I am hopeful that the new IJC commissioners will listen more to resident concerns and begin working on a plan that will alleviate flooding for both American Shoreline Communities and Canadian Shoreline Communities”.