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Supervisor Reilich Meets with Governor Cuomo to Deliver Lake Ontario Flood Mitigation Projects Plans

Greece Town Supervisor Bill Reilich this morning met with Governor Cuomo as he was in Monroe County to kick off his Resiliency and Economic Development Initiative (REDI) Plan.

 Supervisor Reilich was joined by a great team of Greece Department Heads and Engineers as he delivered the Lake Ontario Flood Mitigation Projects on behalf of the Town of Greece. He wanted to be proactive in getting our desired projects in as soon as possible.

Supervisor Reilich hand delivered the Town of Greece Lake Ontario Flood Mitigation Project request to New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner Basil Seggos. During the break out session, he delivered a copy to REDI Planning Chief for Monroe County Tim Walsh. This afternoon, he is mailing a copy of this proposal to Finger Lakes Regional Economic Development Council Executive Director Vincent Esposito and New York State Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services Acting Commissioner Patrick Murphy. Supervisor Reilich has worked closely with these individuals and will do all he can to ensure that Greece residents get as much assistance as possible, and in this case that is in the form of shoreline resiliency.

The Lake Ontario Flood Mitigation Project will greatly strengthen our storm and sanitary sewer system along the shoreline and protect one of our great recreational treasures, Girlie Goodwin Park. The project consists of installing a total of 13,500 linear feet of piping for three new stormwater collection and distribution systems to relieve excessive strains on our shoreline sanitary sewers due to groundwater infiltration into our sanitary system.  Additionally, we hope to construct a 1,600 linear foot sheet piling wall to protect Goodwin Park which severely flooded during the 2017 flooding and has flooded once again this year.  The flooding makes this beautiful park virtually unusable and results in contamination of the play surfaces and equipment.

Supervisor Reilich has been working tirelessly to support the communities affected by flooding. Last month, he hosted a shoreline representative meeting for the new members of the International Join Commission and organized a shoreline tour so they could see first-hand the devastation the flooding has caused. He has been working with the Department of Public Works to provide sand bags to residents and has coordinated with community volunteers and the State Office of Emergency Management for distribution. Mailings have been sent out to every shoreline household and business in Greece with current information regarding water levels and how to effectively use sandbags. Late last year, the Town completed the installation of a flood control earthen berm along the shoreline of Round Pond. The berm, which is 420 feet long and 2.5 feet high with a top elevation of 250 feet, was constructed using Town work crews. Shut-off valves installed near the berm can be closed to prevent the pond water from backing up through the storm sewer pipes that drain into Round Pond and cause flooding in the road. In 2017, Supervisor Reilich joined representatives from surrounding shoreline communities to lobby in Washington, D.C. against Plan 2014. He has sent countless letters and made several phone calls to State and Federal Representatives in advocacy for shoreline residents. He has also worked to install an aquadam along lakeside residential properties.

“I have been in constant contact with all levels of government not only to seek assistance but to share what we have done in Greece to mitigate damage so that perhaps other communities could take advantage of so my our successful implementation” said Supervisor Reilich. “Today I am optimistic that many of us that represent the shoreline are finally getting on the same page. My number one priority is of course repealing IJC Plan 2014. However, because we need an immediate short term solution, all levels of government must band together, regardless of party lines, and do all we can for every homeowner, business and municipal asset. This starts with permanent infrastructure and shoreline preventative measures. The Governor issued a directive to get projects handed in for potential funding that would have a long term benefit. We submitted a plan on behalf of our residents dealing with flooding which fulfills the Governor’s directive and includes an Economic Development Benefit. We have lost shorelines, residents have lost businesses, homeowners have had their properties damaged and boaters are unable to even put their boats in the water. I am optimistic that if our plans are accepted for funding, we can start to change the current path we are on. Having a safe shoreline benefits all of us. In Greece, we try always to be proactive. By bringing this plan with us today, we are hopeful that we will be one of the first communities to receive consideration for funding”.