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Greece Town Supervisor Bill Reilich and Greece Town Clerk Cheryl Rozzi Continue Offering EZ Passes at Town Clerk’s Office

Greece Town Supervisor Bill Reilich and Greece Town Clerk Cheryl Rozzi would like to remind Town of Greece residents that they may obtain EZ Passes from the Town of Greece Clerk’s Office. This reminder is timely as the Governor just announced that a cashless tolling system will be added to the thruway by the end of 2020. This means that cash lanes will no longer be available – only EZ pass tags will be recognized. If a vehicle does not have an EZ pass, a picture of the license plate will be taken and a bill will be mailed to the registered owner.

E-ZPass is a program whereby a customer pre-pays funds, receives a transponder (tag) to mount on their vehicle, and as the vehicle passes through a toll plaza, an antenna in the lane “reads” that tag’s computerized information and the appropriate toll is deducted from the pre-paid funds. Currently, the benefit of an E-ZPass is that it expedites transactions at the toll plaza, thereby reducing congestion. Please note that tags sold are only for personal use two-axel cars, trucks, and vans. The tags are not for business or commercial use.  Once the cashless system is operational, use of an E-ZPass tag will be the better alternative to having a bill mailed, which then has to be handled at some point after your travel.

E-Z Passes may be purchased from the Greece Town Clerk’s Office during regular business hours for $25. Once you purchase an E-ZPass, you may register the tag by visiting or by calling 1-800-697-1554.When you register your tag, you will be prompted to select one of two replenishment methods: credit card/checking account with automatic replenishment OR check or cash replenishment. Once registered, the $25 purchase fee will be moved to your account to start your toll balance.  

“As soon as I heard the Governor’s announcement of eliminating cash toll booths in 2020, I wanted to immediately remind residents that the Town of Greece has EZ Passes available to purchase in the Town Clerk’s Office” said Supervisor Reilich. “Visit the Town Clerk’s Counter during regular business hours (9am – 5pm, Monday – Friday) to purchase a tag and get ahead of the rush that will likely ensue as we near 2020”.