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Supervisor Reilich, the Greece Town Board, and the Greece Youth Board Announce Second Recipient of the Jerry J. Helfer Youth Engagement Scholarship

Yesterday, Greece Town Supervisor Bill Reilich recognized the runner-up recipient of the Jerry J. Helfer Youth Engagement Scholarship. This year’s runner-up winner is Lily Witkoski from Our Lady of Mercy School for Young Women. Lily received a recognition proclamation and a $500 scholarship check.

The Jerry J. Helfer Youth Engagement Scholarship provides the Greece community with the opportunity to recognize a student that regularly upholds exemplary moral values, devotes time and energy into helping serve the Greece community, and consistently displays outstanding leadership skills. This scholarship has been established by the Town of Greece to highlight Jerry’s exceptional character, virtue, and lifelong love of learning and public service. With over 25 years of public service, Jerry served on the Greece Youth Board, was elected as Town Councilman for 10 years, and served as Deputy Supervisor until his untimely passing in July of 2014.

“Jerry was an upstanding citizen, co-worker, and friend and the love he had for his community and public service are the foundations of this scholarship” said Supervisor Reilich. “Every year we had several applicants from all throughout the Greece community. Through careful consideration by the Greece Youth Board and the Helfer Family, this year’s runner-up provided an excellent example of leadership, public service, and volunteerism. I was proud to take part in yesterday’s ceremony and congratulate Lily, who is an outstanding member of our community and who is helping to continue on the legacy of Jerry Helfer”.  

Lily is a very active member of Our Lady of Mercy School for Young Women. The activities she participates in include captain of the Varsity Volleyball Team, treasurer of the Red Cross Club, a member of the National Honors Society, a volunteer with Mercy Service, and a member of Dress a Girl Club. In addition to her many school activates, Lily is also heavily involved in the community in such capacities as volunteering at soup kitchens, sorting food, helping kids with homework, helping at a women’s center, and playing games with the elderly at a nursing home. Lily will be attending Ave Maria University this fall to study either accounting or business.

Congratulations to Lily Witkoski on being chosen as the runner-up recipient of the Jerry J. Helfer Youth Engagement Scholarship! The Town of Greece is very proud of you and stands behind you as you continue to set examples of volunteerism and leadership in our community.