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Supervisor Bill Reilich and the Greece Public Library Join Boycott of Macmillan Publishers over New eBook Policy

Macmillan Publishers, one of the nation’s largest publishers, recently announced that, effective November 1st of this year, they would be limiting libraries to just one copy of new eBook releases for the first eight weeks. The Monroe County Library System orders multiple electronic copies of popular books so that people do not have to wait long to read the new release. Macmillan Publisher’s recent announcement means that only three people in all of Monroe County are going to have access to the new release eBook for the first eight weeks (each user may “borrow” the eBook for up to three weeks).

In response to Macmillan Publisher’s statement that they are being squeezed by library programs and apps that make it easier to borrow rather than buy eBooks, Greece Public Library Director Cassie Guthrie said “It’s interesting what Macmillan is saying: People can have access to eBooks from their public library for free. That’s not accurate. We pay for those books. Taxpayers pay for those books”.

“The Greece Public Library spends a quarter of their library materials budget on digital content, so Macmillan Publisher’s decision to limit eBook availability severely affects patrons who enjoy our vast eBook selection” said Supervisor Reilich. “I am joining communities throughout Monroe County in asking patrons to sign a petition to encourage Macmillan Publishers to continue promoting literacy and a love of reading with their diverse collection of eBooks. Click this link to sign the petition: ”.