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Supervisor Reilich and Greece Town Board Pass Resolution to Reduce Permit Fees for Certain Shoreline Projects

Greece Town Supervisor Bill Reilich and the members of the Greece Town Board passed a resolution during the Meeting of the Greece Town Board held Tuesday, February 25, 2020.

Greece Town Board Agenda Item No. 5 reads:

Authorization for the Town’s Building Department to administratively collect reduced building permit fees for shoreline projects being performed under exigent circumstances, such as residential shoreline projects funded through the New York State Resiliency and Economic Development Initiative.

The adoption of this item means that both the Flood Management Permit Fee and the Coastal Erosion Hazard Permit Fee would be reduced by 50%. The Flood Management Permit Fee will be reduced from $50 to $25. This affects any properties that border a floodplain and any resident having break wall work completed. The Coastal Erosion Permit Fee will be reduced from $200 to $100. This affects any resident living in the Coastal Erosion Hazard Area (such as all properties along Lakeshore Boulevard).

“The Greece Town Board members and I were pleased to pass a resolution to reduce permit fees for our residents who have been affected by shoreline flooding. We understand the devastation that shoreline residents have faced due to recent flooding events. Passing this resolution is one of our many efforts to assist residents in maintaining, rebuilding, and enhancing protection structures” said Supervisor Bill Reilich.