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Greece Town Supervisor Bill Reilich Unveils New Electric Vehicle Charging Stations on Greece Town Hall Campus

This week, Greece Town Supervisor Bill Reilich unveiled the new Electric Car Charging Stations on the Greece Town Hall Campus. When you visit Greece Town Hall, you will see four new charging stations in the parking lot just outside the Meeting Rooms area prominently in the center of the Town Hall Campus Parking Lot located at 1 Vince Tofany Boulevard. These charging stations are open to the public for their use.

Signs have officially been installed, units are activated, and striping and road restoration has been completed for the charging station area. We are thankful to have obtained a grant from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) Charge Ready New York Program in the amount of $16,000 to help finance the cost of these stations.

To charge your electric vehicle, simply follow the instructions listed on the charging port. The steps are as follows (as listed on

  1. Tap your ChargePoint card on your phone (you must be signed in to the mobile app) on the CargePoint station to start a charge. This will unlock the charging connector so you can remove it from the charging station. You can also tap the orange “Start Charge” button in the station details page in the mobile app.
  2. Push the button on the connector to lift it out of the holster on the station.
  3. Plug the connector into your EV to start charging. Check your EV’s indicator to make sure you are charging (often there are lights on the dashboard to show this).
  4. Relax and go about your day. You can track your charging in the app if you want. You will receive a notification when your car is done charging (if you’ve enabled notifications).
  5. When you return to your car, tap your card or phone and return the connector to the station. After your charging session is finished, you will receive an email with more information about the charging session.
  • Please note: you will continue being charged starting ½ hour after the charging has been completed. A message will be sent to prevent people from leaving the vehicle parked too long.

“The use of electric vehicles is growing and I am very happy to be able to offer this amenity to our residents and guests who have any business at our Town Hall Campus” said Supervisor Reilich. “I would like to thank our Grant Researcher, DPW Crew, and Maintenance Team for their efforts in obtaining and installing the electric car charging stations on the Greece Town Hall Campus”.