Town News

Supervisor Bill Reilich Announces Partnership with Endless Highway, Inc. to Create Accessible and Inclusive Playgrounds

The Town of Greece has always looked for ways to engage ALL of our residents, to provide amenities and opportunities for young and old alike – regardless of their abilities or challenges.

“My team and I always look for ways to think outside of the box, and today we want to grow that box – we want to help pave the way for a playground that is not only accessible, but one that is inclusive. Inclusive play is a powerful experience that impacts childhood development, family bonding, and social perspectives” said Supervisor Reilich. “It is with great inspiration that I announce our partnership with Endless Highway, Inc., an organization that works every day to ensure that goals of local youth with disabilities – and the needs of their families – are matched with equipment, funding, opportunity and friendship”.

Our project, Build to Include, will build something in Greece that will transform experiences for kids and families of all ages and abilities. We encourage you to start by visiting this link: to see the story of a young Greece resident, an organization with a great vision, and our Town of Greece that will connect the pieces.

“Stay tuned: the support from the Town of Greece is just beginning. In the coming weeks, look to my Facebook page – Bill Reilich Greece Town Supervisor – to learn how we will invest in the aspirations and inclusive environments of our younger generation and their families” said Supervisor Reilich.