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Greece Town Supervisor Bill Reilich Joins the Hellenic Republic of Greece in Celebrating the Country’s 200th Year Anniversary

On April 15th, 2016 the Town of Greece welcomed the Deputy Minister to the Prime Minister of Greece, Mr. Terence Nikolas Quick, for a diplomatic presentation ceremony honoring the people and the Town of Greece. This historic visit by Mr. Quick marked the first diplomatic visit to the Town by the nation of Greece since the Town’s inception in 1822. Mr. Quick’s visit was coordinated between the Hellenic American National Council and the nation of Greece in an attempt to honor the Town for taking the name of the Country of Greece during its struggle for independence against the Ottoman Turkish Empire in 1821.

The idea of freedom and liberty was not unknown to the founders of the Town of Greece, many of whom once fought for independence and freedom during the American Revolution. That human struggle for independence was something which was admired by the founders of the Town of Greece and, as a sign of support and respect towards the people of Greece, adopted the name Greece as our own. The Ceremony on April 15th of 2016 highlighted the mutual understanding of freedom and liberty.

On March 22, 1822 the New York State Senate and Assembly passed a resolution authorizing the creation of the Town of Greece which was formed out of the town of Gates. The founders of the town adopted the name after the nation of Greece who had been fighting for their independence against their Ottoman Turkish oppressors. To many in the United States at the start of the 19th century, freedom and liberty were two common ideologies. Having fought and ultimately gaining our independence in 1781, many Americans were sympathetic to the Greek cause for freedom and liberty.

During the ceremony on April 15th of 2016, the Town of Greece presented a commemorative plaque as a symbol of international friendship between the people from the Town of Greece and the Hellenic Republic to commemorate the historic visit. In return, Mr. Quick presented the town with the official flag of the Hellenic Republic of Greece, a proclamation, and a sterling silver box as a token of their appreciation. The flag that was presented to us will be flown on the Greece Town Hall Campus.

March 25, 2021 marks the Country of Greece’s 200th year of independence. In honor of this significant anniversary on Thursday, March 25th, 2021, the Town of Greece will exhibit a special display in the service mall area of Greece Town Hall. The national flag of Greece that was presented by Mr. Quick will be flown on the Greece Town Hall Campus and at dusk, we will “light up the sky” blue, standing in celebration alongside much of the world, which also will be joining in this historic recognition. We will also have an exhibit in the Service Mall area of Greece Town Hall with memorabilia (including the sterling silver box) from the historic visit of 2016. In addition, we will also be preparing a proclamation that will be sent to the Prime Minister on behalf of all of the residents of the Town of Greece.