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Greece Town Supervisor Reilich and the Greece Town Board Highlight Tentative 2022 Budget

Greece Town Supervisor Bill Reilich and the Greece Town Board highlighted their 2022 Budget last night at the Town Board Meeting. The 2022 Budget will again decrease the town tax rate this year. The new town tax rate will be lowered by $0.16, bringing the rate down to $5.99 per thousand of assessed value. This will be the largest decrease we have proposed and an affirmation of the fiscal stability of the town.

Having recently received a “0” rating from the NYS Comptroller on the Fiscal Stress Scale was another major milestone we are celebrating. A zero rating means there are no signs of fiscal stress attributed to the Town of Greece. As an example of the significance of this accomplishment, the Comptrollers begins to monitor any government entity who approaches a score of 40-45 on the scale.  This is the level (40 and above) when the Comptroller’s Office begins to monitor the direction of stress on the community’s budget. Our rating of zero is something to be very proud of, especially as we continue to navigate the negative effects the COVID-19 pandemic has caused both economically and for many on a personal level as well.

Additionally, there is always the debate of tax rate versus levy. For the first time in at least over 32 years, this is the first time the tax levy has never gone down. This year, the Town of Greece Tax Levy will decrease by $326,725.

And while all of this is good news, there is still more. We are over $1.8M below the state regulated Tax Cap. 

“We have worked hard to keep our finances in check, we have paid cash for our amenities; the ice rink, the new Children’s Library Expansion, the soon to start Community and Senior Center renovation, and with good planning we are able to present this significant tax decrease” Supervisor Reilich said. “With prices on so many of our everyday items like food and gasoline on the rise, we wanted to be sure that your taxes were not. The Town Board and I are so proud of all of our department heads and our employees for helping us work smarter and more efficiently and again justifying every expense. It was a team effort and I couldn’t be prouder to present this budget to the hardworking taxpayers in our community” Reilich concluded.

The Town Budget will be available for public viewing on October 31st and the Town Board will accept comments from the public. The Tentative Budget is scheduled to be voted on in November. Prior to the October 31st availability of the complete budget, the Tentative Budget Presentation documents will be available on the town website later this morning.