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Greece Town Supervisor Bill Reilich Announces Progress made with The Skate Park Project

Earlier this year, Supervisor Bill Reilich announced that the Town of Greece was in the process of seeking a grant from The Skate Park Project. Founded in 2002 as the Tony Hawk Foundation and later renamed, this organization has contributed funding and built over 600 skate parks worldwide.

Over the past several months, Supervisor Reilich and the Town of Greece Parks and Recreation Department have been creating a detailed plan for a new Skate Park in the Town of Greece. This plan included ensuring the town had an appropriate location, engaging with a local architect to discuss size, options, feasibility, and potential layout. Additionally, the town has been reviewing the grant rules and stipulations to be certain the plan adheres to all application guidelines.

“I am thrilled to announce that our grant application for a new Skate Park in the Town of Greece is moving forward!” said Supervisor Reilich. “The grant process is heavily driven by community support and engagement. Many community members have personally reached out to me expressing their desire for a skate park that would help build healthy and active lifestyles. After being selected for the first round of applications, the Town of Greece was officially invited by the Skatepark Project to apply for funds to build a skate park. I am thrilled that we are to this stage of the application process. The Town of Greece was actually one of only a few towns from a 16 county region asked to apply. I would like to take this exciting announcement and opportunity to ask you – our skate park community – for your input through a letter of support to assist us in our grant application. If you are interested in submitting a letter of support that would help ensure that we receive the grant, please contact our Parks and Recreation Department at”.

The mission of The Skatepark Project is to develop quality places to practice the sport of skateboarding and provide a healthy outlet and recreational challenge to like-minded individuals. To date, 575 recipients of the The Skatepark Project grants have opened their skate parks. These parks receive more than 6-million visits annual by youth who benefit from the active lifestyle and camaraderie the facility promote. To learn more about this organization, visit