Town News

Supervisor Bill Reilich Informs Residents of Town Hall and Community Center Temporary Closure

Supervisor Reilich is informing residents that Town Hall offices and the Community and Senior Center will be closed to the general public on Friday, January 28th. This is due to progressing work on the Community and Senior Center expansion. The 28th is the day scheduled for water-related services and will affect restrooms, sinks, and water fountains in these two areas.

Please note that the other buildings on the Town Hall Campus will not be affected this day. This temporary closure is schedule for the 28th only – it will not affect regular business hours earlier that week or the following week. Also note that Town employees are reporting to work the 28th. They are reachable via phone and email should you have to contact them.

Thank you all for your understanding and accommodating the exciting work being done at the Greece Community and Senior Center.