Building Department

Building Department/Permit Issuance

The Building Department reviews all plans for building permits to ensure compliance with zoning laws and building code requirements.  The Building Department also performs periodic inspections during construction to ensure that work complies with the approved plans and the building code.  The Building Department also has standard practice handouts to assist you with your renovation project.

For any project that requires an electrical inspection, please call one of the following agencies:

  • New York Electrical Inspection Agency (585) 436-4460
  • Commonwealth Electrical Inspection Service, Inc.  (585) 624-2380
  • Middle Department Inspection Agency (585) 454-5191

General Residential Permit Information & Guidelines

Below is general information regarding installations that do not require building permits. For more detailed information, select an appropriate menu item on the left or call the Building Department directly at the number above.

The following do not require building permits:

  • Security System
  • Artificial lawn ponds
  • Kiddie pool (less than 24 in. deep)
  • Ventless appliances (gas logs, etc. but wise to contract inspector)


  • Driveways will most likely require a Highway Permit, not a building permit. Please contact the Public Works Department (225-4590) to obtain a permit application for driveway installation information.

Recreational fires:

  • The New York State code allows recreational fires if the fire is contained and is twenty-five feet from a structure or combustible material. The fire shall be consistently attended until extinguished.  Methods for extinguishment such as fire extinguisher, dirt, sand, garden hose shall be available for immediate use.
  • The county health department also regulates under the open burning regulations specifically “nuisance calls”. If a person calls and complains (911) the fire department will respond and put the fire out. If this happens more than two times the fire department will refer to the Fire Marshal’s Office. They will then forward the complaint to the Health Department for enforcement. It is important to note that smelling smoke does constitute a nuisance).
  • “Open Burning” falls under both state and county codes. An example of open burning is a farm burning some old cut down trees. This event requires permits from the Fire Marshal’s Office and approval from the Health Department.