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Town Codes

How are Town Codes Enforced?

Voluntary compliance is always preferred.

If a representative of the Technical Services Department determines that a building or premise is in violation of any code, rule, or regulation, notice will be made by either regular mail, personal service, or the posting of an order on the property. The notice will provide a specified number of days to comply. Failure to comply within the time specified, may result in the issuance of an official Notice and Order, and/or an Appearance Ticket for the Town Court. The Town may also have the necessary work performed to correct the violation(s) and bill the owner of the property for the cost of the work. Unpaid charges are added to the property tax bill.

What Penalties are Involved?

Any person convicted of a violation of the Property Maintenance Law may be punished by a fine of not more than one thousand dollars ($1,000) or by imprisonment not to exceed one (1) year, or both, for each violation. Each day that the violation continues constitutes a separate offense, and the penalties above are applicable to each offense.

How Can I Lodge a Complaint?

Any individual may anonymously register a complaint by visiting, writing, or calling the Supervisor's Office at 225-2000 or by visiting our Call Center to report an issue. It is not necessary to provide identification. A Technical Services Department representative will conduct an on-site evaluation of the area in question to determine what action is warranted.

How Can I Report a Vacant Structure?

Any individual can report anonymously a vacant sturcture within the Town of Greece. Please visit for more information.


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