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Ice Rink Status: CLOSED

Please check this page and Supervisor Reilich's Facebook page for updates.

To begin “making” ice, we need an extended forecast of sub 32 degree daily high temperatures and then 3-5 days are required to establish a solid base, your patience is appreciated.
Once established, the quality and safety of the ice is determined by weather factors, patron use/abuse and/or maintenance issues. “OPEN” signs will be displayed when the ice rink is deemed safe and useable.

Greece Community Ice Rink

In 2016, this 'natural' ice rink was created to bring back memories of ice rinks that existed for the residents of Greece.  The rink is located on the Greece Town Hall Campus at 1 Vince Tofany Blvd to the west of the library building.

The Greece Community Ice Rink, gives skaters of all skill levels plenty of room to enjoy. In addition, there is a heated 'hut' on site to provide a comfortable place to change in and out of skates.





From the generosity of Brian and Harvest Gionta, skates are now available at the ice rink.

In order to use skates, we will need a driver’s license.

We will hold the license during your use of skates.

Please Note:

You must check in at the ice rink shed when you arrive to get admission tag to skate.

Please adhere to all the rules set forth. No hockey allowed.



The use of this facility is at your own risk. By using this ice rink, participants are acknowledging that there are inherent risks involved in the activity of ice skating and are voluntarily assuming those risks.

The following actions/items are prohibited:

Food or drink, objects such as balls, pucks, hockey sticks or any other miscellaneous objects.

Games such as snap the whip, tag, hockey games or practice, speed skating, broom ball, etc.

Anything that will interfere with other skaters.

Alcoholic beverages, smoking, offensive language, pets.


Giontas Generosity