Board of Zoning Appeals

Mission Statement

To provide review and recommendation on land use issues for the Town Boards, staff, residents, applicants or private and governmental agencies to promote the safe and orderly development of the community in balance with property rights, community values and environmental preservation.

Meeting Information

General Information

The Board of Zoning Appeals has approval authority over requests for variances from the requirements of the Town Zoning Ordinance. The Zoning Office Staff advises the Board of Zoning Appeals and also provides information to residents and developers.

Town Staff

  • Mary Jo Santoli – Zoning Board Secretary
  • Jon Mead – Planning Aide & Zoning Board Advisor
  • Christopher A. Schiano – Deputy Town Attorney

Board Members

  • Albert F. Meilutis, Chairman
  • Linda Andreano
  • Thomas Hartwig
  • Randy T. Jensen
  • Sharon Quataert
  • Brad Shea
  • Anthony F. Wechsler

Zoning Board FAQs

No, they do not. The Board is supported by Town of Greece employees:

Jon Mead, Planning Aide & Zoning Board Advisor (585-723-2284)
Mary Jo Santoli, Zoning Board Secretary (585-723-2355)

  1. Hears appeals (variances) from the Zoning Code
  2. Approves or denies some Special Use Permits
  3. Approves or denies Use variances
  4. Hears other appeals or makes interpretations or determinations as may be designated by Town Board
  • Front, rear, and/or side setbacks
  • Accessory structure square footage
  • Distance from a structure to a swimming pool
  • Decks in front or side yards
  • Excess lot coverage
  • Fence height and location
  • Sign variances for commercial properties

Examples of Special Use Permit requests:

  • Gasoline/auto repair stations
  • Cell towers
  • Major home occupations