Construction of Utilities and Roadways

Design Criteria and Construction Specifications

The intent of this manual is to inform developers and design engineers of the minimum requirements for the design and construction of utilities and streets; including subdivisions and site developments, within the Town of Greece.  Included in this manual are: design criteria, general construction procedures, construction specifications, and construction detail drawings. This manual also provides the developer with the minimum technical details by which the general policies of the Town governing land development and site improvements are to be carried out.

This manual shall be used in conjunction with Chapter 176, Stormwater Management, of the Code of the Town of Greece, adopted 12/18/2007 by the Greece Town Board.  The January 2015 New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) Stormwater Management Design Manual requires subdivision and site development designers to consider “Green Infrastructure” alternatives for all projects constructed after February 2011. The Town of Greece is fully supportive of this approach for stormwater management through the preservation of natural resources, reduction of impervious cover and incorporation of runoff reduction techniques.

It is not intended that this manual be interpreted as a set of rules which will in any way relieve the design engineer from the responsibility of properly designing the proposed improvements.

No construction of site improvements (commercial or subdivisions) shall be started until approval has been granted by the Commissioner of Public Works, Town Engineer, Finance Director and the appropriate public utility and highway agencies.