Town Court

Court Information and Hours

The Greece Town Court has criminal jurisdiction over all misdemeanors, violations, and infractions together with arraignment and preliminary jurisdiction over felonies. Jury trials are conducted where required.

PLEASE NOTE: The Court does not perform background checks. When appropriate, we can provide a certificate of disposition.

To pay your court fee via telephone or online:

Toll Free:  1-888-912-1541

Traffic Violation Forms

Small Claims Forms

The traffic court date and time is located on the traffic summons that you received from the officer.

The criminal court date and time is located on the appearance ticket or criminal court summons that you received.

Justices and Court Schedule

The Town employs four part-time justices.

Judge Brian Marianetti
Judge Brian Marianetti

Thursdays 10:00 a.m.

Court Clerk:

Judge Shannon Pero
Judge Shannon Pero

Wednesdays 5:00 p.m.

Court Clerk:

Judge Brett Granville
Judge Brett Granville

Tuesdays 5:00 p.m.

Court Clerk:

Judge Debra Crowder
Judge Debra Crowder

Fridays 9:00 a.m.

Court Clerk:

No e-mails will be accepted for requests for court adjournments.

Please contact your attorney or contact our office at 585-227-3110.

Office hours may vary according to Court Schedule.


Please visit the following link for information about the DIY eviction forms:

Please visit the following link for information about the eviction process:

Eviction overview and Frequently asked Questions:

Small Claims Court

Small Claims Court handles cases for claims of $3,000 or less. The Town Justice in Small Claims Court only has the power to award money judgments.

You must be an individual 18 years or older. Under 18 years, action must be brought by a parent or guardian. Corporations, partnerships, associations, or assignees CANNOT bring actions in Town Small Claims Court.

You must bring the action where the Defendant resides, is employed, or has a place of business at the time you start the action.

You can use Small Claims Court for many different types of cases. A few examples are given below. Remember, your claims may not be for more than $3,000.

– disputes over money owed for security deposits, utility bills or rent;
– claims for the value of damaged, lost or destroyed personal property;
– money damages resulting from an unlawful eviction.

Small Claims Court is not a separate court, but part of the Town Justice Court.

No. Lawyers are not necessary in Small Claims Court, but you can use a lawyer.

Filing Fees:
$10.00 for claims of $1,000 or less
$15.00 for claims exceeding $1,000

Filing fees must be paid at time of filing small claims with the court.

Winter Parking Ordinances

What is the Winter Parking Ordinance?

The Winter Parking Ordinance requires “NO PARKING ON ALL TOWN ROADS OR THE GRASS ON RIGHTS-OF-WAY.”  Its purpose is to make plowing and salting of dedicated Town Streets safer and more effective and to cut the cost of snow removal while saving tax dollars.

It takes place from November 1 to April 15, 12:00am (midnight) to 8:00 am.

Fines range from $25-$100.