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Greece Town Supervisor Bill Reilich and the Greece Town Board, along with Jerry Helfer’s brother and mother, recognized the recipient of the Jerry J. Helfer Youth Engagement Scholarship during last night’s meeting of the Greece Town Board. This year’s scholarship runner up is Alice Scott. Alice received a recognition proclamation and check in the amount of $500.

The Jerry J. Helfer Youth Engagement Scholarship provides the Greece community with the opportunity to recognize a student that regularly upholds exemplary moral values, devotes time and energy into helping serve the Greece community, and consistently displays outstanding leadership skills. This scholarship has been established by the Town of Greece to highlight Jerry’s exceptional character, virtue, and lifelong love of learning and public service. With over 25 years of public service, Jerry served on the Greece Youth Board, was elected as Town Councilman for 10 years, and served as Deputy Supervisor until his untimely passing in July of 2014.

“Jerry was an upstanding citizen, co-worker, and friend and the love he had for his community and public service are the foundations of this scholarship” said Supervisor Reilich. “Every year we had several applicants from all throughout the Greece community. Through careful consideration by the Greece Youth Board and the Helfer family, this year’s recipient provided an excellent example of leadership, public service, and volunteerism. I was proud to take part in Thursday evening’s ceremony and congratulate Alice, who is an outstanding member of our community and is helping to continue on the legacy of Jerry Helfer”.  

Alice Scott has been very active in her school and community. Alice’s school activities have included being a member of the varsity soccer team, the captain of the varsity bowling team, a cast member of the spring musical, a band member, and a national honor society member. Alice has also volunteered at the Greece Baptist Church and Sacred Heart Cathedral. She has served as a teen tech tutor, has helped with the Bishop Kearney Annual Gala, has been a member of girl scouts, and has volunteered with Food Link. Alice will be attending Alfred University to study psychology.

Congratulations to Alice Scott on being chosen as one of the recipients of the Jerry J. Helfer Youth Engagement Scholarship! The Town of Greece is very proud of you and stands behind you as you continue to set examples of volunteerism and leadership in our community.

Supervisor Bill Reilich, along with Town of Greece Receiver of Taxes Andrew Conlon and Greece Town Councilmembers Mike Barry, Bill Murphy, Mike Bloomer, and Diana Christodaro announce Free Fall Shredding Event for Greece residents.

This free shredding event will be held Tuesday, October 24th, 2023 from 4:00pm – 7:00pm at the Greece Town Campus. Services will be provided by Shred-Text.

Past experience has shown that the line moves much more efficiently when participants adhere to the following rules:

  • No plastic bins. All papers must be placed in either manageable cardboard boxes or paper bags. We will NOT be returning boxes to participants. Any paper brought in plastic bags will not be accepted.


  • No x-rays or film paper. These types of papers will jam the shredder.


  • Limit of 5 boxes per vehicle.


  • Participants MUST stay in their vehicle. Volunteers will unload the paper and boxes from your vehicle.

Please make every effort to follow these rules. We reserve the right to turn away those who are not in compliance. Shred-Text trucks will be leaving promptly at 7:00pm.

“I am excited to join our Greece Receiver of Taxes and the Greece Town Council Members in scheduling another free shredding event for our residents” said Supervisor Reilich. “We will all be on hand to assist residents with unloading their vehicles throughout the duration of the event. Documents will be shredded confidentially”.

Today, September 11th, 2023 marks the 22 year anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City, the Pentagon, and United Airlines Flight 93 which crashed in suburban Pennsylvania. Patriot Day serves as a remembrance of the lives lost on that September morning.

You will see that flags will be lowered to half-staff today.

There are few words to be found that convey our thoughts and feelings about that day. I wanted to share a poem I came across as I solemnly reflect on the day that will never be forgotten.

I remember

Planes flying low

Smoke from the towers

Cries from the injured

Calls for help

People running

Sobs from witnesses

Heroes running in the towers

Faces we will never see again

I remember

The towers falling

Smoke filling the air

People running for safety

Screams of terror

I remember

The quiet

People in the streets

Heroes walking around the rubble

Whispers in the streets

I remember

Victims not forgotten

Heroes not forgotten

Sacrifices not forgotten

Memories not forgotten

I remember 9/11

Grace G. Frost

Greece Town Supervisor Bill Reilich was proud to host a ribbon cutting ceremony celebrating the grand opening of the Great American Diner in the Town of Greece. The new restaurant is located at 850 Long Pond Road.

Supervisor Reilich was joined by owners Brian O’Reilly, Angelo Valente, and Tony DeRosa  for the grand event. When discussing the type of environment the envisioned for customers, the Great American Diner Ownership Team decided that they wanted to create a space that was vibrant, fresh, and family-friendly. They wanted the space to make everyone feel welcome. As they were searching for a location, the Town of Greece looked like the perfect home for their vision. At the 850 Long Pond Road location, the found a space that offered ample parking, an interior that they could transform into their vision, and a growing population that they could serve for years to come. The food offered at the Great American Diner is made with fresh and locally-sourced ingredients.

“We are always excited to welcome new restaurants to the Town of Greece and give residents more options for eating out” said Supervisor Reilich. “Check out the newest restaurant in town – the Great American Diner!”