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Supervisor Reilich is pleased to announce the availability of grant funds for the 2018 Greece Residential Improvement Program, otherwise known as “GRIP”, which began August 1, 2018 and runs until July 31, 2019.  This on-going housing improvement program, which is currently in its 44th year, is federally funded through the United States Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Community Development Block Grant Program, also known as CDBG, and allows the Town to help income-eligible homeowner’s repair and revitalize their homes.

The GRIP program provides grants for up to $4,800 to approximately 30 low-and moderate-income town residents for rehabilitation of single-family, owner-occupied homes. The overall purpose of this program is to identify and address needed home repairs and rehabilitation activities to achieve safe and decent housing within the town. Therefore, GRIP grants will pay for only essential rehabilitation projects, including health and safety repairs, accessibility improvements, structural and major system repairs, and energy conservation upgrades. These include structural, weather-related, or safety issues that could create dangerous living conditions.  Applicants must meet all program guidelines in order to qualify for the program. Funding is limited and applications are processed on a first-come, first-serve basis and need to be fully approved and documented before projects can proceed.

The Town of Greece welcomes your participation in its residential improvement program.  For additional information or questions about eligibility, please contact the Town of Greece GRIP office at (585) 723-2384.