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Macmillan Publishers, one of the nation’s largest publishers, recently announced that, effective November 1st of this year, they would be limiting libraries to just one copy of new eBook releases for the first eight weeks. The Monroe County Library System orders multiple electronic copies of popular books so that people do not have to wait long to read the new release. Macmillan Publisher’s recent announcement means that only three people in all of Monroe County are going to have access to the new release eBook for the first eight weeks (each user may “borrow” the eBook for up to three weeks).

In response to Macmillan Publisher’s statement that they are being squeezed by library programs and apps that make it easier to borrow rather than buy eBooks, Greece Public Library Director Cassie Guthrie said “It’s interesting what Macmillan is saying: People can have access to eBooks from their public library for free. That’s not accurate. We pay for those books. Taxpayers pay for those books”.

“The Greece Public Library spends a quarter of their library materials budget on digital content, so Macmillan Publisher’s decision to limit eBook availability severely affects patrons who enjoy our vast eBook selection” said Supervisor Reilich. “I am joining communities throughout Monroe County in asking patrons to sign a petition to encourage Macmillan Publishers to continue promoting literacy and a love of reading with their diverse collection of eBooks. Click this link to sign the petition: ”.

This morning, Supervisor Reilich joined representatives from Clearwater Organic Farms, Greater Rochester Enterprise, Empire State Development, and Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo for a ground breaking ceremony for Clearwater Organic Farms’ new 475,000 square foot hydroponic greenhouse.

Clearwater Organic Farms uses cutting-edge hydroponic technology to produce fresh, locally grown, year-round organic baby leaf greens to supply markets throughout New York State. The facility for Clearwater Organic Farms, which will be constructed at the Eastman Business Park in Greece, will be the largest hydroponic commercial greenhouse of its kind in the United States and will produce more than 2.7 million pounds of fresh produce annually.

“I am thrilled to see the Clearwater Organic Farms project moving forward, which is a logical addition to LiDestri’s growing food and beverage industry in Greece” said Supervisor Reilich. “I would like to thank the management teams from Clearwater Organic Farms and LiDestri for entrusting the Town of Greece and this region with their investment. We are certain they will continue growing and expanding”.

Greece Town Supervisor Bill Reilich, the Greece Town Board, and the Library Board are pleased to announce plans for an expansion of our Children’s Library Section at the Main Library Branch, 2 Vince Tofany Boulevard.

 The proposed expansion would double the footprint of the current Children’s Library, adding 3,300 square feet of space and will include a children’s programming room and many new amenities for our youngest residents, their parents and caregivers.

Our library is nearly 20 years old, and in fact, we made the final payment on the building this year. The age of the building and the growth of the town have shown increased numbers of patrons visiting the library and programming numbers, in particular our children’s programs have been steadily increasing.

“I made a commitment to our residents that we would take this great town and make it even better; our commitment to expanding the Children’s Library is another way we are delivering increased amenities to our residents while keeping our finances in order” said Supervisor Reilich. “There will be no borrowing to support this project. We have applied for a grant to offset some of the project costs and the remainder of the funds will be paid in cash as a result of careful planning and budgeting”.

We are in the early stages of planning and want to offer an opportunity for our residents to weigh in on any suggestions they may have for ways to enhance the Children’s Library space. Greece residents are invited to visit Bill Reilich Greece Town Supervisor’s Facebook Page to make suggestions and share ideas of things they may like to see at the library. Comment cards will also be available at the Main Information Desk at the library as well.

Once we have received resident input, we will start to put a conceptual design in place and share the progress with our residents throughout the entire process.

Town of Greece Supervisor Bill Reilich and the Greece Town Board have released the proposed budget for the town which again includes a reduction in the property tax rate from $6.285 per $1,000 in property value to $6.225 per $1,000 in property value, a 6 cent reduction.

“This is a continuation of our efforts to steadily reduce the town tax rate in the Town of Greece” said Supervisor Reilich. “Our tax rate is now lower than it was ten years ago, and we continue to keep our costs under control. We’ve paid off the debt on the Town Hall and the Library as well. Everything we have done has been to ensure the proper management of town finances. We fully expect to continue on this course for the foreseeable future”.

In addition to the proposed 2020 budget tax decrease, our capital plan includes the continuation of our commitment to public infrastructure. Over $2.25 million in cash will be put towards road maintenance and improvements. It includes additional improvements to our service mall area, an allocation for park and playground upgrades and a commitment to green energy initiatives. Most important to note perhaps is there is no borrowing for any capital improvements.

“We are proud of our 2020 proposed budget and believe it is good for our residents, our families and our businesses.  It continues to strengthen our investment in the town’s infrastructure while controlling costs and reducing the tax rate” Reilich said. “We continue to maintain a balanced budget with reasonable estimates of costs and revenues. We have a high AA rating from Standard and Poor’s and they specifically referenced our strong financial management in their reviews. Additionally, the town received a 1.7 on the NYS Comptroller’s Fiscal Stress Monitoring System that indicates a ‘no designation’ which is the most favorable listing”.

During last night’s meeting of the Greece Town Board, Supervisor Reilich and Greece Town Board members Mike Barry, Bill Murphy, Josh Jensen, and Diana Christodaro recognized and presented a proclamation to a special member of our community.   

This summer, Victoria Brice was eating breakfast when she noticed smoke coming from her neighbor’s house. Victoria immediately told her grandmother and they called 911. When the Ridge Road Fire Department arrived, they woke the sleeping family and helped them evacuate.

“The Town of Greece is proud to have community members like Victoria, whose keen awareness and observation helps save lives” said Supervisor Reilich. “Thank you, Victoria, for your swift and wise response to an emergency situation”.

Greece Town Supervisor Bill Reilich was joined by Greece Town Board Members Mike Barry, Josh Jensen, Bill Murphy, and Diana Christodaro for an official Eagle Scout Award Ceremony at last night’s Town Board Meeting. The Town of Greece Eagle Scout Recognition Medal is presented to all Boy Scouts who have recently achieved the rank of Eagle Scout in their local troop.

“It is an honor for me to present proclamations and medals to the hard working and determined young men who have shown that commitment and perseverance lead to success” said Supervisor Bill Reilich. “At last night’s Town Board meeting, I had the privilege of presenting a proclamation and medal to Erik Ervay who has recently achieved the rank of Eagle Scout in Troop Number 240. Erik attained the rank of Eagle Scout through his efforts towards a habitat improvement program at Braddock Bay Park. He worked with local companies to secure donations of 88 plants, shrubs, and trees for this project. In addition to this project, Erik also conducted three food drives to benefit the Greece Food Shelf. He has collected hundreds of pounds of food from his neighborhood and brought it to the food shelf. Thank you for your kindness towards helping those less fortunate and for your dedication to a project that will benefit the wildlife in Braddock Bay Park!

The Boy Scouts of America, one of the United States largest youth organizations, is dedicated to promoting self-reliance, courage, and patriotism among young men. The Eagle Scout Award is attained after countless hours of hard work, sacrifice, and dedication to the scouting creed. For more information on the Boy Scouts of America, please visit their webpage


For all residents who have sustained damage as a result of the recent flooding events, please take every step necessary to ensure that reconstruction and repairs are done in accordance with the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) regulations, NYS Building Codes, and Local Flood Damage Prevention Law in order to reduce the likelihood of damages from future flooding events. Please note that any construction along the shoreline will require various agency permits, including such activities as placement of new propane tanks, installing sheds and placing fill, in addition to repairing damaged buildings.

The focus of the NFIP is to require damaged structures within mapped flood hazard areas to be constructed in a manner that is reasonably safe from flooding. In order to accomplish this, proper building elevation and protection techniques are needed.  If your home has been “Substantially Damaged”, as defined in NFIP regulations, additional requirements may apply.

 “I was recently contacted by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation with information regarding rebuilding requirements for structures located within the FEMA mapped special flood hazard areas within New York State” said Supervisor Reilich. “As shoreline residents work to recover from the damaging flood waters of 2019, Town of Greece staff will be ready to help you through the permitting process. Helpful information can be found at the links provided below, and residents should feel free to contact the town with any questions at 225-2000”.

To learn more about construction in flood zones, visit

To learn more about determining if the structure has substantial damage, visit

As a newly appointed member of the International Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River Board, Supervisor Reilich has promised to advocate on behalf of the shoreline community and to contribute to better management of water outflow and increased accountability for the IJC.

Within weeks of IJC Plan 2014 being implemented, the first flooding event occurred. The severity of the first flooding event of 2017 has only increased in 2019. Shoreline residents and businesses have sustained hundreds of millions of dollars in damages. It is unfair that New York taxpayers should be burdened with the cost.

The Department of Environmental Conservation has been directed to file a lawsuit against the IJC in order for the State to be compensated for the destruction the mismanagement has caused. This legal action comes in response to the IJC’s failure to maintain the lake level.

“Lake Ontario is too economically and environmentally vital to our communities to ignore this devastating flooding and lack of accountability” said Supervisor Reilich. “Thanks to the Governor’s support, we will fight every day to make the case for change and ensure we are protected from rising water in 2020 and for decades to come”.