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Supervisor Reilich Announces Shorter Application for Lake Ontario Flood Recovery Program

Supervisor Bill Reilich has received several calls from concerned Town of Greece residents regarding the length and difficulty of the Lake Ontario Flood Recovery Application that was issued by Governor Cuomo’s Office last month. After learning that the application was originally 90 pages long, Supervisor Reilich contacted the Governor and was able to work with him to have the forms significantly reduced. However, Supervisor Reilich has continued receiving calls from anxious residents who continue struggling with the length and difficulty of the application. Supervisor Reilich once again contacted the Governor’s office on behalf of the Town of Greece residents to form a new application that would be easier to navigate. Supervisor Reilich is pleased to announce that a new version of the application is now available on the New York State Homes and Community Renewal website under their Lake Ontario Flood Recovery page (

The Lake Ontario Flood Recovery Program, which is $7 million in state funding for homeowners along Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River who have experienced flood damage, is administered through not-for-profit housing organizations seeking to help homeowners affected by the flooding. Homeowners in Monroe County seeking assistance are encouraged to contact Sheen Housing at 585-657-4114. Homeowners may also e-mail Sheen Housing at or visit their website at Representatives from Sheen Housing were available yesterday at Greece Town Hall to assist lakefront residents in answering questions and filling out the Lake Ontario Flood Recovery application. They will be available at a future date to assist residents, and we will provide that information once a time and place has been scheduled. Also available yesterday in the Greece Town Hall parking lot were Insurance RV professionals, who were answering questions from lakeshore residents about how to handle claims and other insurance-related matters.

“After hearing from concerned residents about the overwhelming length and difficulty of the Lake Ontario Flood Recovery application, I contacted the Governor’s office and worked with them to make the application easier to navigate. It should be a simple process to receive financial assistance for damages incurred by the flooding. I encourage everyone – regardless of how much or little damage they have incurred – to fill out an application for financial assistance”. Said Supervisor Reilich