Tax Collection

Town of Greece Receiver of Taxes

The Town of Greece Receiver of Taxes is Andrew Conlon.  This is an elected position with elections held every four years.  Among their many duties, the Receiver of Taxes collects Town of Greece general property taxes in January . The property tax bills are mailed in early January and cover the period of January 1st-December 31st.

The property tax bill contains the levies for the Town of Greece, Monroe County, Greece Fire District, Greece Central School District and any other special districts. In addition, if school or water bills are unpaid, they will be re-levied on the general property tax bill. The Town does not control the tax levies of Monroe County, the Greece Fire District or the Greece Central School District.

What is Property Tax?

Counties, cities, town, villages, school districts, fire districts and other special districts are funded through the real property tax. The money is used to fund schools, police and fire protection, maintains roads and supports other municipal services enjoyed by the constituents.

How is Property Tax calculated?

The amount of a property tax bill is determined by two factors: the property’s taxable assessment and the amount to be raised in taxes by the jurisdiction in which the property is located. The assessment is determined by the Assessor and is based on the market value of recent comparable home sales. To arrive at this amount, the taxing jurisdiction (county, town, school district, and fire districts) develops and adopts a budget. Next, all revenue sources except the property tax are computed. These include New York State aid, sales tax revenue, user fees, fines, etc. When these alternative funding sources are subtracted from the budget, the remaining level is the tax levy, which is raised by property tax. The total taxable assessed value is divided into the tax levy to produce a tax rate.

The Town does not control Monroe County, Greece Fire District or Greece Central School District tax rates. Each are autonomous entities with separate boards and decision-making bodies.  The Town simply collects taxes on their behalf.  Questions regarding the tax rates and levies from these bodies should be directed to those organizations as they appear on our bill.

Payment of Taxes

Payment of taxes can be made in person at Town Hall Monday through Friday, 9-5 or in the available 24 hour tax night drop located at the Service Mall entrance.  Payments can also be made online at  However, there is a 3% charge applied from the credit card company for the transaction by this means.  We do not accept payment over the phone.