Town News

Supervisor Bill Reilich Announces New Salt Barn Construction

Greece Town Supervisor Bill Reilich is pleased to announce that a new salt barn is being constructed on the Department of Public Works site. The new building will replace an aging salt barn that was constructed in 1991.

The new salt barn is 124 feet in diameter, with 10 feet of poured concrete walls that are 12 inches thick. The building is shaped like a dome with the highest point being 61 feet tall. The original salt barn was only able to hold 3,500 tons, whereas this new salt barn has the space capacity for 13,000 tons. The construction is projected to be completed by the end of the year.

“When I first took office, I was surprised there was no 5-year CIP. That changed immediately as I worked with our department heads and in conjunction with our Finance Team on how to begin to prepare for our CIP. One result of that planning is our new Salt Barn, which was put in as a request by DPW. Resident safety is always a priority, and the new salt barn gives us the ability to have quick and easy access to the salt in order to keep roads free from snow and ice and to keep it from bonding to the road. I will keep you posted on a regular basis as we did for the new Police Headquarters with regular updates and photos of the progression” said Supervisor Reilich.