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Supervisor Bill Reilich Announces 2015-2017 General Crime Statistics Comparison Analysis Chart is Now Available

Supervisor Reilich has announced that the 2015-2017 General Crime Statistics Comparison Analysis Chart is now available. Three common categories of crime were analyzed: burglaries, robberies, and vehicle larcenies. Data was extracted from monthly reports going back to 2015, and the chart shows decreases in all 3 of these categories. There has been a 35 percent decrease in reported burglaries, a 15 percent decrease in reported robberies, and a 48 percent decrease in reported vehicle larcenies.

“I want to extend my sincere appreciation and support to our Greece Police Department for continuing to keep our crime rates low” said Supervisor Reilich. “Public safety is a top priority in the Town of Greece, and I am so proud of our Greece Police Department as we continue to see decreases in burglaries, robberies, and car larcenies. On behalf of all of our residents, we extend our gratitude to all of the Greece Police Officers who work tirelessly to keep our Town safe”.