Town News

Supervisor Reilich Asks Developers to Secure Materials Ahead of Windstorm

Greece Town Supervisor Bill Reilich asks that all developers with active job sites throughout the Town of Greece make every effort to secure their materials ahead of the predicted windstorm. Unsecured materials can easily become projectiles and potentially cause significant damage to area homes and properties.

“Immediately after being contacted by a concerned resident who lives next door to a new construction project here in Greece, I wanted share with all of you that may have active construction nearby that we are trying to reach out to local builders and developers in the area and ask them to please secure all materials ahead of the projected winds” said Supervisor Reilich.

All Greece residents and every developer with active projects in the Town of Greece are advised to take the proper steps needed to prepare for high wind and weather-related challenges. Safety is of upmost importance during this projected winter windstorm, and everyone must play their role in ensuring the safety of their neighbors.