Town News

Supervisor Reilich Provides Update on Placement of Released Inmates

Greece Residents, I am happy to report that the former inmates that were listed as level 2 and level 3 sex offenders that were being housed at a Greece Hotel have been removed. As you are aware, I spoke out strongly about this issue and my dissatisfaction with the entire situation. I felt that with all the burdens our residents were facing relating to the COVID-19 pandemic we didn’t need one more concern.

I want to particularly thank each and every one of you who rallied with me and against this action. This shows that by speaking out and joining our voices together we can bring about change. And in this situation those who had the ability to make the change listened and for that I am grateful on behalf of all of our residents.

These former inmates were not residents of the Town of Greece, I was, however, made aware one of them was from Olean. Additionally, I have not been told where they have been relocated. I do know that the law requires notification of residency be made whenever those on the sex offender registry move to any given location. Once we were made aware of their original placement in Greece we sent out our notices.  The receiving community will need to do the same to comply with the law.

I have always placed the safety and security of our residents as a top priority. I made a commitment to the residents that I would be their voice and I would take action every time there was a threat. Thank you all for your continued support.