Town News

GPD Internal Investigation Update

Tonight, the Town Board received an overview of the recommendations that will be issued by Special investigator Joseph Morabito for disciplinary action against sworn officers of the GPD who either worked at the scene of the motor vehicle accident involving former Chief Drew Forsythe on October 21, 2021 or who were involved with the situation.

Ten members were subject to the investigation, though only seven were potential targets of the investigation. Three of the officers investigated have been completely exonerated. Disciplinary action or demotion is recommended for seven of the ten officers investigated.

Although, by his actions, Drew Forsythe placed all the members of the department in a difficult position, especially those directly involved, unfortunately, each of these officers failed to follow policy and protocol in some way. Ultimately, the investigators concluded that a reasonable officer would have found reasonable suspicion to alcohol test Drew Forsythe at the scene. Additionally, information was not reported completely or in a timely manner. 

In the coming days, most of the officers involved will be given the opportunity to accept the discipline recommended by the investigators.  If the officers do not accept the discipline, they will be served with disciplinary charges which are required by the Town Law. Pursuant to this law, employees are entitled to a hearing in which a Hearing Officer is appointed by the Town Board to determine whether the officers engaged in the conduct they are charged with and whether the penalty recommended by the investigators is reasonable. This hearing would take place at some point in the future. We will not know the final disposition of the cases until the hearing is concluded. The Town does not release specific information about police officer disciplinary action until cases are finally adjudicated.