Swimming Pools/Spas & Pool Enclosures

General Information

Any new swimming pool or spa that exceeds 24 inches in depth requires a permit. If a pool wall is less than 48 inches in height a pool barrier is required for all areas surrounding a swimming pool. This barrier may include an alarm device for any doors that lead from the home into the pool area.

Plans Submittal Requirements

  • A copy of a site plan or Current Property Survey of your property with dimensions indicating the location of the swimming pool on the property; including setback dimensions to property lines and structures.
  • If a contractor is used, that contractor must have general liability and Workman’s Compensation insurances filed with the Town of Greece as the certificate holder specific requirements related to fences surrounding pools.  Please contact the Technical Services Department with any questions you may have.
  • All pool enclosures must conform to Appendix G of the Residential Code of New York State.

Required Inspections

Electrical Inspection with one of the three listed agencies:

  • New York Electrical Inspection Agency (585) 436-4460
  • Commonwealth Electrical Inspection Services, Inc.  (585) 624-2380
  • Middle Department Inspection Agency (585) 454-5191

Final Inspection through the Town of Greece Building Department

  • To schedule inspection call (585) 723-1923

Fees and Applications

Building permit applications must be completed and submitted to the Technical Services Department at One Vince Tofany Blvd.  Hours:  Monday –  Friday, 9am-5pm.

Please contact the Technical Services Department at (585) 723-2443 for additional information.