Brush Collection

The town offers residential brush collection on a year-round basis. Please have your brush out at the curb on the Sunday of your streets designated week.  Use the street map below to find the week of the month brush collection occurs on your street.

Please Note: The Town of Greece does not collect brush from private drives.

Brush Collection Schedule

The Town of Greece offers residential collection for brush cleared by the homeowner on a year-round basis, and will follow the schedule shown on the accompanying map. Trees, brush, and stumps generated from lot clearing and commercial enterprises will not be picked up. Additionally, if a contractor is used to perform this work on a residential property, the contractor is responsible for hauling away the material. 

The Town also permits residents to dispose of their residential brush at the Yard Waste Management Facility, 635 Flynn Rd, Monday-Saturday 8:00AM – 3:00PM. The Transfer Station is closed Sunday’s and on holidays. 

When putting out brush for collection, please use the following procedures:

Please have all brush at curbside by Sunday evening prior to your scheduled week. This will help ensure that your brush will be picked up during your scheduled week.

  • Cut all brush, limbs, or trees to a length no greater than 4’.
  • Tree stumps “may” be picked up if they are reasonably free of dirt and rocks.
  • Do not mix any metal, rocks, dirt, lumber, concrete, or foreign debris in with the brush.
  • Do not pile brush under overhead wires of any kind and keep all brush piles away from telephone poles, fire hydrants, guide wires, low tree limbs, plants, and guiderails.
  • Do not place yard debris and/or brush in, or near, waterways and ponds.
  • Place the material parallel to the road neatly and uniformly so as not to block the road, sidewalk, or another property.
  • Do not place yard debris in plastic bags.
  • Grass and leaves will be picked up during brush collection only if placed in paper bags.