Leaf Collection

2023 Town Leaf Collection Schedule

This year, from October 9th through December 8ththe Town will pick up bagged leaves from residential properties. The schedule is based on a two-week rotation schedule. Depending on the need and the weather conditions, the town will add an additional rotation after December 8th.  The program calls for residents to place leaves into paper bags to be collected by the DPW.

An alternative to paper bags is the use of 30-gallon garbage cans with handles provided that (1) the container does not weigh more than 50lbs and (2) the container is tagged and identified in such a way that crews will know it contains leaves. Experience has shown that, particularly on refuse collection day, it is very difficult to know what is in the container. While it is recognized that the use of containers is an alternative, residents are reminded that once frozen, the containers may be susceptible to damage.

Another alternative is for residents to dispose of their leaves at one of the Town’s drop-off sites. The four sites are identified below. The sites will be open throughout the leaf program. The drop-off site locations will be identifiable by a snow fence. The Yard Waste Management Facility on Flynn Road is open year-round and has signs indicating the leaf drop-off site at this facility. No plastic bags, brush, or containers are to be left at any site.

Please visit the Public Works section of the Town’s website at to locate your area and scheduled pick-up dates.  Use the “Street Search” at the bottom of the page to find your area. The number that appears for “Leaf” corresponds with the assigned area for that street. You will also be able to view an online map for this program. Leaf bags must be out at the curb the day before your assigned pick up to ensure their removal.

IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT place any other material in with your leaves.  Leaves are composted using equipment that is very costly to maintain and replace.  Metal objects, plastic, concrete, rocks and other items can cause damage to this equipment and end up in the composted material that is provided to residents for use in landscaping beds and composting projects.  These items should be disposed of during residential garbage and recycling pickup.

Leaf Collection Areas

Area 1:  Oct. 9, Oct. 23, Nov. 6, Nov. 21
Area 2:  Oct. 10, Oct. 24, Nov. 7, Nov. 22
Area 3:  Oct. 11, Oct. 25, Nov. 8, Nov. 27
Area 4:  Oct. 12, Oct. 26, Nov. 9, Nov. 28
Area 5:  Oct. 13, Oct. 27, Nov. 13, Nov. 29
Area 6:  Oct. 16, Oct. 30, Nov. 14, Nov. 30
Area 7:  Oct. 17, Oct. 31, Nov. 14, Dec. 1
Area 8:  Oct. 18, Nov. 1, Nov. 16, Dec. 4
Area 9:  Oct. 19, Nov. 2, Nov. 17, Dec. 5
Area 10:  Oct. 20, Nov. 3, Nov. 20, Dec. 6

Search by street name to find your collection area.

Street NameCollection Zone
Acton St9
Adele Dr4
Adeline Rd2
Adonis Dr5
Alana Dr10
Albury Dr8
Alcott Rd7
Alden Rd7
Alderwood Ln5
Alecia Dr7
Alfonso Dr7
Alhambra Dr8
Allegany Dr7
Allerton St5
Almay Rd1
Alpine Rd2
Amy Ln5
Andiron Ln10
Andover St3
Anglers Cv10
Antonina Ln7
Apollo Dr5
Apple Blossom Ln10
Apple Creek Ln8
Applegrove Dr8
Applewood Dr8
Arborway Ln10
Arcadia Parkway9
Arlidge Dr3
Armstrong Rd2
Ashbury Cir10
Athena Dr7
Atlee Dr6
Aviamore Drive8
Ayer St5
Azure Ln10
Bakerdale Rd1
Ballad Ave7
Banbury Dr8
Bancroft Dr4
Baneberry Way10
Banyan Dr8
Barbara Ln5
Barbie Cir7
Barbie Dr7
Barclay Ct9
Barcrest Dr8
Barlow Dr7
Barmont Dr North7
Barmont Dr South7
Barnard St1
Barns Ct10
Barrett Pkwy9
Barrus Ln9
Bartholf Rd3
Basswood Cir5
Baxter Dr7
Bayard Way7
Bayberry Ln1
Bayview Dr10
Beach Ave9
Beatty Rd9
Beaumont Rd3
Beechwood Pk10
Belford Rd1
BelleTerre Ln7
Bellwood Dr5
Belmont Rd2
Belmore Way9
Benjamin Ave4
Bennington Dr1
Benwell Rd3
Berchman Dr7
Berkshire Dr6
Betwood Ln8
Beverly Heights1
Biscayne Dr2
Black Duck Trail7
Black Spruce Ct8
Black Walnut Dr5
Blue Aspen Way9
Blue Birch Dr10
Blue Grass Ln7
Boca Ave6
Bonesteel Cir3
Bonesteel St3
Bonita Dr8
Borrowdale Dr7
Boyd Dr3
Braddock Rd10
Braddocks Ave10
Bram Hall Dr7
Brandon Cir8
Brandy Brook Ln10
Brayton Rd4
Breckenridge Dr5
Brentford Terrace9
Briar Hill Dr6
Briar Wood Ln5
Briarcliff Rd3
Brick Landing7
Bridgewood Dr8
Bright Autumn Ln7
Britton Rd (181-800)2
Britton Rd (845-1224)4
Bronze Leaf Trail9
Brookridge Dr3
Brush Creek Dr10
Brush Hollow Rd6
Buck Hill Rd6
Buckman Rd5
Burlwood Dr8
Bushkill Crossing10
Buttonwood Crossng10
Buttonwood Dr10
Cabot Rd7
California Dr1
Cameron Hill Dr9
Camille Dr9
Camomile Ln7
Canal Woods6
Canasta Rd3
Candy Ln5
Carabiniere Rd7
Cardiana Dr10
Carlisle St3
Carmas Dr5
Carmas Ent East5
Carmas Ent West5
Carrington Dr8
Castle Grove Dr8
Castleford Rd1
Castleton Rd3
Cedar Creek Trail7
Cedar Rd3
Celtic Ln7
Centerwood Dr4
Chad Cir3
Chalford Rd2
Charit Way7
Charles Ave6
Chatham Estates8
Chauncey Way10
Cherry Creek Ln6
Chesterton Rd7
Chicory Rdg7
Chimney Hill Rd10
Chimney Sweep Ln10
Chippendale Rd1
Christyn Marie Dr8
Churchill Dr North8
Churchill Dr South8
Cider Creek Cir8
Cider Creek Ln8
Cindy Ln7
Clardale Dr4
Clark Pk1
Clearview Rd2
Clearwater Cir10
Cleverdale Rd3
Cloverdale Rd1
Clubview Dr6
Cobleskill Cir5
Cobleskill Dr5
Colin St3
College Ave8
Collenton Dr8
Colonnade Ter10
Colony Dr5
Colony Wood Dr8
Conrad Dr1
Constance Way East10
Constance Way West10
Copperfield Rd5
Corona Rd5
Cosmos Dr1
Cotoneaster Dr10
Country Ln6
Country Place Ln10
Country Wood Lndg8
Countryshire Dr6
Courtly Cir8
Covered Bridge Cir8
Crab Apple Ln8
Craftwood Ln10
Cragg Rd1
Cranberry Rd10
Cravenwood Ave3
Creek House Dr7
Creek Meadow Ln6
Creekwood Dr7
Creighton Ln10
Crescent Beach Rd9
Creston Ct9
Crestway Ln10
Crispin Ct9
Crosby Ln9
Crossgates Rd6
Crossroads Ln8
Crosswood Ct10
Crystal Creek Dr10
Daffodil Trl7
Dalston Rd3
Damsen Rd10
Darby Cir7
Daylilly Ln7
Deer Meadow Dr9
Deer Path Dr8
Delacorte Cir9
Delicious Dr9
Dellwood Cir2
Dellwood Rd2
Delmar Rd2
Deming St6
Denise Rd2
Deschel Dr6
Desmond Rd4
DeVille Dr9
Dewey Ave (3393 ? 4323, Odd)4
Dewey Ave (2667 ? 3361, Odd)3
Dewey Ave (3392 ? 3588, Even)1
Dewey Ave (3972 ? 4290, Even)2
Dewey Ave (4510 ? 5263, Odd & Even)9
Dewey Manor Dr9
Dexter Dr8
Dobson Rd2
Doerun Dr6
Doewood Ln6
Dohrcrest Dr9
Dolores Dr5
Donegal Dr4
Dorian Ln7
Dorsetwood Dr9
Dorsey Rd (Odd)1
Dorsey Rd (Even)2
Dove Tree Ln7
Drexhall Ln9
Drumcliff Way9
Duffern Dr3
Dundee Dr5
Durkar Ln1
Dutchess Dr8
Dutchman Holw10
Duxbury Rd7
E Manitou Rd10
East Moreno Dr7
Eastland Rd3
Eden Ln6
Edgemere Dr10
Eglantine Rd3
Eileen Cir8
Eileen Dr8
El Mar Dr8
El Rancho Dr3
Ellery Rd10
Ellington Dr3
Elmgrove Rd6
Elmguard St5
Elmore Dr6
Elsworth Dr8
Elwood Dr3
Emberglow Ln10
Emery Run9
Emjay Ln10
English Rd (3 ? 17)2
English Rd (24 ? 401)4
English Rd (470 ? 1677)8
English Rd (1803 ? 3055)8
English Station Rd8
Erath Dr7
Essla Dr10
Estall Rd1
Evanwood Cir5
Evanwood Dr5
Everclay Dr3
Everett St3
Everwild Ln8
Fairbourne Park7
Fairlane Dr7
Fairview Ct9
Fairway Dr2
Falkirk Place9
Fallenson Dr8
Fallingwood Ter9
Falmouth St3
Fawn Hill Rd9
Felicia Ct10
Fetzner Rd (100 ? 780)7
Fetzner Rd. (933 ? 1729)8
Fielding Rd7
Fiesta Rd6
Fifth Ave10
Fifth St10
Fireglow Ln10
Floren Dr10
Florence Ave (3-118)1
Florence Ave (169-260)3
Florida Ave1
Flower Dale Cir7
Flower Dale Dr7
Flynn Rd (626 ? 1086)10
Flynn Rd (1166 ? 1538)8
Flynnwood Dr10
Fontana Ln10
Forest Glen Dr10
Forgham Rd1
Foster Rd4
Fourth Ave10
Fourth St10
Fox Meadow Rd6
Frandee Ln7
Frear Dr3
Friar Dr7
Frisbee Hill Rd10
Frost Meadow Trl9
Galen Rd2
Garden Ln7
Gates Greece Tl Rd6
Gayla Dr6
Geiger Cir9
Gentry Cir7
Glenbriar Cir4
Glenbriar Dr4
Glenbrook Rd2
Glencross Cir8
Glenora Dr3
Glenside Way10
Gnage Ln9
Goethals Dr8
Golden Eagle Landing9
Golfshire Dr6
Gordon Dr6
Grand View Ln10
Grecian Parkway7
Greenfield Rd7
Greenleaf Rd9
Greymere Rd10
Groundsel Dr10
Groveland Rd2
Groveview Cir8
Guinevere Dr7
Haddon Rd7
Hager Rd4
Hale Cir9
Hallbar Rd7
Hammond St5
Hampton Blvd2
Hardwood Ln8
Harmony Dr7
Harvest Dr7
Haskins Ln10
Havelock Dr5
Haviland Pk1
Heather Ln3
Heather Rdg8
Helenwood Rd4
Hemlock Woods Ln5
Heritage Cir8
Heritage Dr8
Heritage Dr8
Heritage Woods Ct8
Hidden Spring Cir8
Hidden Wood Dr8
Hiett Rd7
Hildegarde Rd7
Hill Dr7
Hillbridge Cir8
Hillbridge Dr8
Hilltop Rd2
Hincher Rd10
Hogan Point Rd10
Hollow Rock Tl10
Holly Sue Ln7
Holmes Rd5
Holyoke St3
Honey Gold Dr8
Hoover Dr5
Howe Rd5
Howedale Dr2
Hurd Ave5
Ida Red Ln8
Images Way7
Ingomar Dr9
Interlaken Rd10
Ironwood Dr2
Island Cottage Rd9
Jacinth Dr10
Jackie Cir E9
Jackie Cir W9
Jackie Dr9
Jade Creek Dr10
James Cir2
Jamestown Ter5
Janes Rd9
Jay Vee Ln10
Jeanmoor Rd4
Jefreelind Dr8
Jersey Black Cir8
Joanne Dr3
Joellen Dr7
Johnny Gold Ln8
Johnson Rd3
Jonathan Dr9
Jonquil Ln10
Josies Ln8
Judy Ann Dr8
Kafana Dr10
Kartes Dr8
Kartes Dr North8
Kartes Dr South8
Kaymar Dr4
Kaywood Dr5
Kensington Ct8
Kentucky Crossng9
Kentwood Dr5
Killarney Dr4
Kim Ln7
Kimbrook Cir9
Kimbrook Dr9
King Arthurs Ct7
Kingsberry Dr7
Kingsridge Ln8
Kinmont Dr9
Kirk Creek Ln8
Kirk Rd9
Kirk Rd S8
Kirkfield Dr9
Kirkstone Pass7
Kirkwood Rd9
Knob Rd7
Kohl Dr3
Kuhn Rd10
Kyle Dr7
La Solis Dr7
La Verne Dr1
Labrador Dr8
Lake Breeze Rd2
Lake Home St10
Lake Meadow Dr9
Lake Shore Dr10
Lakewood Dr1
Lambert Dr1
Lambton Cir7
Lantana La9
Lantana Station9
Larchbriar Dr4
Larkins Crossing10
Larkwood Dr6
Latona Rd5
Latta Rd (445 ? 1271, Odd)2
Latta Rd (444 ? 3162, Even)9
Latta Rd (1397 ? 1677, Odd)4
Latta Rd (1863 ? 3107, Odd)8
Latta Rd (3166 ? 3748, Even)10
Latta Rd (3245 - 3745, Odd)8
Laura Dr7
Laurelhurst Rd7
Laurelwood Crossng5
Laurelwood Dr5
Laverne Dr1
Lavington Dr8
Lawson Rd2
Lazy Creek Cir10
Leamington Cir8
Ledbury Dr7
Ledgewood Cir5
Ledgewood Dr5
Lee Circle Dr5
Lee Rd5
Leerie Dr10
Legends Way9
Legion Cir4
Leonard Rd4
Letchworth Ave7
Lianne Dr7
Lida Ln3
Limerick Ln6
Linda Dr1
Ling Rd9
Little Creek Cir2
Little Creek Dr2
Loganberry Ln10
Lombardy Cir8
Lone Oak Ave3
Long Park Dr10
Long Park Ln10
Long Pond Rd (15 ? 649, Odd)10
Long Pond Rd (16 ? 674, Even)9
Long Pond Rd (745 ? 981, Odd)8
Long Pond Rd (714 ? 986, Even)8
Long Pond Rd (999 ? 1237, Odd)7
Long Pond Rd (1000 ? 1250, Even)7
Long Pond Rd (1271 ? 1661, Odd)6
Long Pond Rd (1282 ? 1630, Even)5
Long Wood Dr10
Longridge Ave3
Lowden Point Rd10
Lucinda Ln7
Luddington Ln9
Lyncourt Park9
Lynette Dr3
Mac Arthur Rd3
Macintosh Dr8
Maiden La (88 ? 574)3
Maiden La (671 ? 1139)5
Maiden La (1251 ? 1924)7
Maiden La (2015 ? 2198)7
Malden St5
Mandarin Dr6
Manitou Beach Rd10
Manitou Ln10
Manitou Rd (328 ? 1192, Even Only)10
Manitou Rd (1206 ? 1500, Even Only)8
Manitou Rd (1526 ? 1700, Even Only)7
Manitou Rd (1738 ? 2294, Even Only)6
Mann Rd9
Marble Cir5
Marble Dr5
Marblehead Dr5
Margate Dr8
Maricrest Dr4
Marie Elaina Dr8
Marilyn Dr8
Marina Dr5
Marlbank Dr9
Marron Dr5
Marwood Rd2
Mascot Dr7
Mason Ave6
Mathew Ln7
Maylong Dr7
Mayon Dr8
Mc Call Rd3
Mc Ewen Rd1
Mc Guire Rd4
Mckendree Dr3
Meadow Creek Cir7
Meadow Greene10
Meadow Wood Rd2
Meadowbriar Rd4
Medallion Cir6
Medallion Dr6
Medimount Dr3
Melwood Dr6
Menard Dr3
Mendota Cir6
Mendota Dr6
Merrick St5
Milford St3
Mill Cres8
Mill Hollow Xingg8
Mill Rd (400-583)7
Mill Rd (8-392)8
Mill Run Dr7
Mirage Cir7
Mitchell Rd (South of Ridge)5
Mobile Dr4
Mont Morency Cir9
Mont Morency Dr9
Montvale Ln7
Moorland Rd8
Morning Glory Ln7
Morrow Dr2
Mosley Rd4
Mosley Rd (West of Mt. Read)8
Mount Ridge Cir3
Mountain Ash Dr5
Moxon Dr9
Mt Read Blvd (2735 ? 3887, Odd)5
Mt Read Blvd (2840 ? 3862, Even)3
Mt Read Blvd (3955 ? 4865, Odd)8
Mt Read Blvd (4030 ? 5000, Even)4
Muriel Dr9
Mystic Pines Cir8
Nahant Rd2
Nanette Dr5
Nantucket Rd7
New Prince Ln7
Newark Dr3
Newcomb Rd9
Newell Dr6
Newfield Dr1
Newton Rd7
Nicolette Cir7
North Autumn Dr7
North Ave (4 ? 10)8
North Ave (115 ? 405)7
North Church Rd8
North Creek Xing10
North Dr10
North Greece Rd (661 ? 945)8
North Greece Rd (6 to 620)10
North Greece Rd (955 ? 1181)7
North Hollow Rd6
North Park Dr9
Northampton Cir10
Northbridge Dr7
Northcliffe Dr8
Northgate Rd2
Northwood Dr8
Norway Dr8
Nurmi Dr8
Nymark Dr7
Oak Bridge Way8
Oakbriar Dr4
Oakwood Rd3
Old Country Rd10
Old English Dr8
Old Meadow Dr6
Old Pine Ln5
Old Well Rd5
Olde Erie Trail5
Olde Harbour Trail8
Olde Tavern Cir8
Olivia Cir7
Olivia Dr7
Olympia Dr5
Ontario Blvd10
Orchard Creek Cir8
Orchard Creek Ln8
Orchard Rd10
Orchid Dr8
Paddy Creek Cir5
Paddy Hill Cir4
Paddy Hill Dr4
Parklands Dr8
Parkside Ln8
Parkway Vw10
Paula Red Ln8
Payne Beach Rd10
Pearson Ln8
Pebbleview Dr9
Peck Rd8
Penny Ln3
Pepperidge Dr7
Peppermint Dr5
Pickdale Dr5
Pickering Dr8
Picturesque Dr8
Pine Valley Dr6
Pinebriar Dr4
Pinebrook Dr8
Pippin Dr9
Place One Dr8
Pointe Vintage Dr8
Pollet Pl7
Pomona Dr3
Ponty Pool Cir8
Post Ave10
Preston Cir7
Putney Pl8
Quarterdeck Pl10
Quesada Dr8
Radford Way9
Rae Dr7
Ranger's Ct9
Raspberry Pass8
Raspberry Patch Dr8
Red Apple Ln8
Red Hickory Dr5
Red Oak Dr3
Red Rock Cir6
Red Rock Rd6
Red Spruce Ln8
Redcedar Dr8
Redtail Run9
Renaissance Dr7
Renay Dr9
Rhea Crescent5
Richsquire Dr7
Ridge Rd West (1890 ? 2534, Even)7
Ridge Rd West (1250 ? 1600, Even)5
Ridge Rd West (1253 ? 2505, Odd)5
Ridge Rd West (2558 ? 4600, Even)7
Ridge Rd West (2547 ? 4589, Odd)6
Ridge Ter7
Ridgecrest Rd7
Ridgedale Cir3
Ridgelea Ct5
Ridgemar Rd3
Ridgemont Dr6
Ridgeway Ave (1300 ? 2600)5
Ridgeway Ave (2626 ? 2920)6
Ridgeway Estates6
Ridgewood Rd6
Riggs Rd9
Rigney Ln9
Ripplewood Dr2
Rockdale Trl9
Rockway Dr10
Rockwell Dr10
Rocmar Dr6
Rodessa Rd1
Rogene St1
Rollingwood Dr2
Ronald Dr1
Rosalie Dr7
Rose Dust Dr8
Roseann Dr3
Rosecroft Dr3
Ross Ln10
Round Creek Dr6
Round Pond Ln7
Roxwood Cir8
Roxwood Dr8
Rumford Rd7
Rumson Rd (29 ? 522)2
Rumson Rd (626 ? 1069)4
Running Brook Ln7
Rusty Ln7
Rye Rd5
Sable Ridge Ln10
Sackets Landing10
Saddlehorn Dr6
Salmon Creek Dr10
Sand Pebble Ln10
Sandalwood Dr2
Sandstone Dr3
Sannita Dr5
Scotch Pine Dr8
Seafarer Ln8
Second Ave10
Second St10
Selkirk Dr7
Seventh Ave10
Shadmore Dr8
Shadowbrook Dr2
Shady Pine Ln10
Shady Way1
Shaemus Dr7
Shale Dr5
Sharon Dr7
Sheraton Dr1
Sherri Ann Ln8
Shiloh Ct9
Shirley Ter6
Shore Acre Dr9
Shore Vista10
Shorecliff Dr9
Shoreway Dr10
Sierra Dr2
Silver Fox Cir8
Sixth Ave10
Sixth St10
Skycrest Dr2
Slater Creek Dr8
Smokewood Ln9
Snowy Owl Rdg8
Somerworth Dr5
Sonnet Dr7
Sorrelwood Dr5
Sotheby Dr8
South Autumn Dr7
South Dr10
Southampton Dr3
Southern Pine Cir8
Southridge Dr6
Southwind Ct7
Sparling Dr4
Spearmint Dr5
Spinley Ct7
Spring Creek Cir10
Spring Ln7
Spring Tree Ln8
Spur Ln6
Squiredale Ln9
St Andrews Dr6
St Elias Cir7
St John Dr7
St Mark Dr6
St Pierre Dr6
Stafford Way7
Stallion Cir6
Standish Rd7
Stone Fence Cir6
Stone Fence Rd6
Stone Rd (20 ? 505)1
Stone Rd (550 ? 1281)3
Stone Rd (1330 ? 1866)5
Stone Ridge Dr5
Stonecliff Dr1
Stonecrest Dr5
Stonehill Dr5
Stonewall Ct5
Stonewood Ave1
Stoney Path Ln7
Stoneycreek Cir8
Stoneycreek Dr8
Stratford Ln8
Strathmore Dr3
Strathmore Rd9
Straub Rd6
Strollis Rd7
Sugar Maple Dr5
Summer Ln7
Summit Hill Dr9
Sunapee Run Dr10
Sunny Mill Ln8
Sunset Ridge Trail8
Surrey Rd1
Susan Ln3
Sutorius Dr4
Swansea Pk1
Sweet Acres Dr10
Sweet Birch Ln5
Tahoe Dr8
Tait Ave (177 ? 336)3
Tait Ave (McGuire to Dorsey)4
Talnuck Dr10
Talon Run10
Tanglewood Dr2
Tartarian Cir9
TayBrook Ln9
Third Ave10
Third St10
Thorn Apple Ln8
Thorpe Cres5
Timarron Trl10
Timber Oak Cir7
Tioga Cir8
Tioga Dr8
Tobin Dr3
Toper Trl10
Torrey Pine Dr8
Towngate Rd6
Troutbeck Ln7
True Hickory Dr5
Turning Leaf Ln10
Valley Crest Rd1
Velma Ln9
Veness Ave3
Venetia View Cir7
Verstreet Dr3
Villewood Dr1
Vineyard Dr8
Vintage Ln (467-657)5
Virginia Manor Rd6
Visions Cir7
Vista Dr5
Wainswright Cir8
Wake Dr10
Wakecliffe Dr8
Walker St7
Wayfaring Ln10
Wayne Dr5
Weather Wood Ln10
Webber Cir5
Webber Dr5
Webwood Cir5
Wedgewood Pk1
Weiland Rd5
Weiland Woods Ln5
Wembly Rd4
Wendhurst Dr1
Wendy Ln7
West Amy Ln5
West Bend Dr9
West Craig Hill Dr6
West Hill Est6
West Meadows Dr3
West Outer Dr5
West Parkway1
Western Pine Dr8
Westwood Dr1
Wheatfield Dr8
Wheeldon Dr1
Whelehan Cir4
Whelehan Dr4
Whispering Pines Cir10
Whispering Winds Ln5
Whistlers Cove Ln10
White Oaks Dr2
White Rabbit Trail8
Whitman Rd3
Widgedon Lndg10
Wilbur Ave6
Wildwood Dr3
Williams Rd6
Willis Ave1
Williston Rd3
Willmae Rd1
Willnick Cir8
Willow Ridge Trail7
Willowbrook Rd2
Willowood Dr8
Windsor Rd2
Windstone Dr8
Winesap Point9
Winston Dr6
Wood Musket Trl8
Wood Rd6
Wood Run10
Wood Run Cir10
Woodale Dr3
Woodbriar Dr4
Woodcrest Rd3
Woodcroft Dr2
Woodedge Ln6
Woodhill Dr2
Woodland Dr9
Woodmill Dr7
Woodside Ln3
Woodsmoke Ln10
Woodsong Ln9
Woodstone Ln7
Worcester Rd1
Wycombe Place9
Wye Bridge Dr9
Wyndover Rd2
Wyndshire Ln7
Yarkerdale Dr8
Yorktown Dr8
Vintage Ln (522-1278)8

The Town of Greece does not collect leaves from private drives. For those living on a private drive, please bring your leaves to the nearest drop-off location:

  1. Yard Waste Management Facility – 635 Flynn Road (open year-round, closed Sundays and Holidays)
  1. Carter Park – 1281 Long Pond Road (Only open Oct 9 – Dec 8)
  1. George Badgerow Park South – 1120 Latta Road (Only open Oct 9 – Dec 8)
  1. Basil A. Marella Park – 975 English Road (Only open Oct 9 – Dec 8)
  1. Columbus Park – 461 Bonesteel Street (Only open Oct 9 – Dec 8)

**Please Note** – Barnard Park is no longer a leaf drop off site.